Dark Forces

PC - Hile Kodu

Aşağıdaki hileleri oyun sırasında yazın. Seviye atlama hilesini kullanırsanız tüm silah ve eşyalarınız silinir.

laimlame : God mode (toggle)
labug : Insect mode; fit into small places (toggle)
lapostal : Full health, shields and ammo, all weapons and inventory items
lamaxout : Full shields and ammo, all weapons and inventory items [full v.]
launlock : All inventory items [full v.]
larandy : Activate weapon supercharge (20 seconds)
laredlite : Enemy freeze mode (toggle)
lapogo : No height checking (toggle)
laskip : Complete current level
lacds : Full auto-map; repeat to change "steps" colour, and to turn off
ladata : Display co-ordinates, player height, secret percentage (toggle)
lantfh : Teleport to current map position: in map mode hold the ~ key to move the map with the arrow keys (and the [ and ] keys to change the floor, if desired), then type the code to be teleported to the of red center dot (not to undefined if showing all floors (Alt-Tab), you're teleported to the top floor

Level Code : Level : Name
lasecbase : I : Secret Base (The Death Star Plans)
latalay : II : Talay: Tak Base
lasewers : III : Anoat City (The Subterranean Hideout)
latestbase : IV : Imperial Weapons Research Facility
lagromas : V : Gromas Mines
ladtention : VI : Imperial Detention Center
laramshed : VII : Ramsees Hed Docking Port
larobotics : VIII : Robotics Construction Facility
lanarshada : IX : Nar Shaddaar
lajabship : X : Jabba's Ship
laimpcity : XI : Imperial City
lafuelstat : XII : Fuel Station
laexecutor : XIII : The Executor
laarc : XIV : The Arc Hammer