So Alone
Oh my lady... Don't you feel so alone?
Let me hold your hand, let me show the way how I love you.
Oh my lady... You are the last tear in my eyes
I won't cry, no.. I won't cry, I will lose you that way.

So alone... And I found all in your eyes
So alone... And I found love in your eyes

Close your eyes search your heart
Find a place for me to survive my whole life
Look into my eyes please don't cry
I'll be always with you when you close your eyes.

Life is just a game and I don't care if I win or lose

Seasons are always changing look!
Winter will come again
You will be miles miles away
But I'll go on loving you

Pain... The pain... Look the pain... the pain again
I have to walk alone, I have to live on my own
Time is running as if it will never stop
I feel alone so alone....

Oh, my lady... don't you see... the rain in my eyes