Hello everybody, welcome to the show
We're headed for desdtruction, don't you want to go

It's time to romp and stomp
It's time to jam
It's time for you to kick some dirt up off the ground
Are you out, are you in, if you're in are you for sure
'Cause if you're in you're in, and if you're out you're out
And get your ass on out the door

Sister won't you help me, Mother Mary may I
And then we'll do it again

Headed for destruction
Don't you want to come along say yea
Come on say hell yea
Hell yea
Headed for destruction
Don't you want to get it on say yea
Say hell yea
Hell yea

Round number two and we're back for more
I'm here to tell you baby just what we got in store
It's down to groove when you're diggin' that sound
If you're hot you're hot, if you're not you're not
And you're not gonna hang around