All right people
Step right up
Don't be afraid to throw that change...
Me and my buddy are going to play you a tune
Goes something like this
I got a friend that lives in the city, in New York City
He puts a brown bag under his arm
Walks down the street till he gets to big box
Crawls inside and has a seat in a cardboard box in the city
New York City and Stop.

2 3 4
He always finds the cheap wine
It's liquid heat but it make a meal
Finally takes a drink and shakes his head
No life's not pretty in the city, New York City

Life's ladder is so hard to climb
So want cha spare a moment of your time
I'll do a dance or sing you a rhyme and say
Hey mister can you spare a dime?

Well I'm standing on the edge of insanity
Looking over the edge
Things look greener on the other side
Sit around and worry about things
Wonder why till I literally brake down and cry
And it seems if though I've reached out
And slapped the world on the balls
Grabbed it by the throat
And slammed it up against the wall

Life's ladder is so hard to climb