Crash boom bang and kill the lies
sniffin clue smokin dope and gettin high
you`s been doin this for years
blood for the tears
you switched from one to some higher gears
all these dope games made u wanna scream
you picked up all the pieces of this empty dream
cuz you`s been puttin it down for the wrong god
and now you`s dyin and cryin for some real love
and in the meanwhile I was doin fine
lettin the love and pease trully shine
I don`t wanna be there when you come to it
ain`t it your own shue but does it really fit
so wipe the tears from your lonely eyes
leave the fears try to realise
look up see the first price
he who`s in me is greater than the lord of the lies

he who`s in me is greater

every battle has been all ready won
you just gotta choose the side you`re on
the world`s a machine god is tha masta
I wanna serve him not cuz I has to
but cuz I want to do the will of god
live my whole life filled wit love
swim against the flow, eat meat and grow
and fight all the battles like a real pro
so if I didn`t come accross all clear and loud
I`ll tell you again he`s real no doubt
he changed my whole life and I thank hi
i no longer have to take it in the chin