Points in programs there’s a coming election day
Still I wonder why we believe what they say
Votes are what they want to summon
election’s over principals are gone and so are they
big campaign and then away!

Issues are pointed out a solution’s brought
they injure the question but an answer is still sought
When you talk the matters won’t be solute the politicians
retreat and our country’s still polluted
Democracy (Equals) Bureaucracy (Equals) Hypocrisy

Most of us say we can’t change the tide we’re in
but if no one tries where will we begin?
We have to face the mistakes they’ve made
learn the lesson, make sure that we renovate
the consciousness in our heart and search

The politicians won’t recognize the past
we’ve got to tear them down and break the contract
As long as we free the prisoners who are to core
we’re getting closer to freedom, more

Now we know the election was a joke
all the false ambitions have gone up in smoke
that’s why we need to stand up again!
Know the issues and lay down a plan
Let’s solve the problems that there are

They injure the question, Talk about it all day
they don’t know what’s it all about!
They think when you talk, nobody gets hurt

but you know! Talking doesn’t change the world!