For some reason I keep wondering my mind is fooling me
You’ve got another life, separating species
But still I carry this feeling don’t know what it’s supposed to be
But it’s annoying it’s victim is me
But why I’ve dropped it behind I guess I didn’t see you for a long time
can’t even remember your voice

I still got this feeling, the feeling that you knew me
and maybe still do but I still don’t get it Why you always fall in love
with the persons who don’t care Who don’t see you the way
you are supposed to be seen

Are you driven by the thought of doing it the easy way?
Don’t wanna be bound to much, or is it not on purpose?

Don’t know what’s stopping me from coming b
maybe I’m scared to be let down To face that you’ve got a missing label
to face that there’s hardly some progress
Cause maybe now that I’ve leveled up my mind
and I’ll see you again, I can label you with the rest