A Trillion Barnacle Lapse
> Seçme Parçalar
>> Appliance Romance

What is it worth proteins that make life so dull?
This new sodomization beats the thrills of masturbation.
This organism is now erect and the mechanism is prepared to concept.
He crashed into my arms and made my life condensed.
Rice was thrown.
Champagne was popped.
He gave me a synthetic flower to win my synthetic heart.
It was a cordial affair in cordial attire.
Now those newlyweds are soon to be retired, just give a chance to this appliance.

>> Faceless Cowboy

The carcinogen city is in your vicinity.
The carcinogen city is in your destiny.
The punch line is that I am in your city.
Swallow the gasoline additive, digest the MTBE.
You will always remember your placement when they make this discovery.
Swallow the gasoline additive; digest the MTBE.
This is my part in biological inevitability.
Conceive your death certificate out of your faucet and become sustenance for the insects.
Baby keep your eye on the water supplies, because my combat gear is a cup and a half of cyanide.

>> Fountain

It’s just not the same when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and you know you lied yourself to sleep.
He said it takes more then sharp eyes, it takes more than steady hands and it takes more than cool nerves.
It takes luck, pure dumb luck.
The kind of luck that wins lotteries and the kind of luck that walks away from plane crashes.
Don’t read into the subtext if I wanted you to know I just would have told you or maybe I wouldn’t.
Sometimes what is thought of as exasperation means absolutely nothing. Sometimes words themselves amount to nothing but the ink that types them on off white paper.

>> Man Of The Year

There are 14 pre-punched indentations in the average ice cube trays.
When I filled, the frozen water interconnects through means of a natural conduit.
And as I ponder this rather unobtrusive household necessity, I ask my self if those holes were ever filled before.
And if so will the original occupants return.
But another side sees this as and excuses to hide my fear.
When we die we play dead, we are evaporating.

>> Million Dollar Legs

Heads up you coin enthusiast.
As you may or may not know, this is more then spare change; it's a family heirloom.
Let me reassure you that I amount to dollar and pennies, and he is priceless and he is burning a hole in my pocket.
When I flip this coin I hope it's his head.

>> Privacy Had A Bad Ticker

I swear you can’t tell the robots form the worm bodies.
Giggle, complain about prices.
Take bad pictures and act like they are lost.
We were born, as you can see we are your friends, neighbors and coworkers.
There is a spot up ahead where baby we can die alone.
Information is power and I’m an information searcher.
Information is power and I’m an information trader.

Did you enjoy the ride?
My car was just reupholstered And did you did you see me on stage?
I was simply amazing.
My face takes on another when I stop caring and start intruding.
Talk to me, I would love to listen.

>> Spectators For My Spectacles

Standing years in front of my dead reflections; when I climax I want to only see me looking back at me.
When I indulge my self I want you to scan me.
You admire in the beginning, I apex in the end.
I built this structure around myself for you to be a spectator for my spectral.
I admire in the beginning, you apex in the end.