> Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men
>> Naked Freak Show

She sucks on his Shitty Wrinkled Rump
As he prods her cunt and ass
With his Twizzled Stump
Slobbering Freaks in Rabid Lust
Legless Pelvises drip and thrust
Giggling as they Madly prob
Disfigured Orgy at a Naked Freak Show
Limbs and Stumps Flailing Violently
Distorted Faces in Ecstasy

>> Freak Fest (naked Freak Show Ii: Orgy Of The Gaffed)

The Gafted and Mangled Twitch with Glee
A Hairlip sucks off an Amputee
Extra Limbs, Siamese Twins
Monogolid's Ballsac Bouncing off a Hunchback

Cum Shot mixed with Snot
Retard Sucks a twisted Cock
Open sores with Disease
Pinheads eating Leper Cheese

Distorted Faces licking crack
Not suprised when it licks back
Nauseating Freakish Sight
But Still you look, Obscene Delight

>> Patient Zero

Have you heard of Patient Zero
Do you know what he has begun
Do you know of Patient Zero
What the fuck have we done

Patient Zero Where have you been
Patient Zero What did you See
Patient Zero What do you Know
Patient Zero What is the Truth

Someone fucked up somewhere
Something went terribly wrong
A Cure won't mean a thing
For those who are gone
Have you heard of Patient Zero
The Lagacy of Patient Zero
How the Disease Grows
Patient Zero

Am I Paranoid of Conspiracy
Or Are Diseases Being Made in a Laboratory
Surely he must be Man Made
A Plague released intentionally
Or an Experiment Out of Control
Out of Control - Patient Zero
The Lagacy of Patient Zero
How the Disease Grows
Patient Zero

>> Zombie Ward

Legs split, flesh is torn
Skin is ripped, the Dead unborn
Nurses Scream, Doctors Gasp
As Child gnaws on mothers gash

Infants aisle mothers doom
Put child in the Plastic Womb
Mother dead now awakes
Takes a bite out of the Doctors face
Disbelief, Mortal Shock

Baby bites off the Doctors cock
Zombie Ward begins to grow
Patients Die Then join the flow
Living Dead, Bloody Stump
Corpse enjoys a mangled Rump
Twisted cries fill the air
Zombie eats, it just don't care

>> Mud

Putrid Sludge (Mud)
Blacked Crud (Mud)
Think and Rank (Mud)
Smelly Gank (Mud)
Earthy Pus (Mud)
Human Rust (Mud)
Fills Your Head (Mud)
When your Dead (Mud)
Back Broken, Skull split open
Brains exposed to the sunshine
Paralyzed open your eyes
Can't believe your heart is still beating
Went to War, forgot what for
Now your bodies burned and broken
You had to go, the big hero
Never thought you would die so poorly

>> Fatfire

Burning Bright on the Hill Crematorial Torch
Acrid Smoke fills the air
Foundation Black and Scortched Obesity Catastrophe
She has Unplanned Revenge
Bubbling Fat blocks the Way Cellulite Kindling
Walls are coated with Burning Blubber
Napalm of the Flesh Structural Skeleton crisp and charred
A Shell of Black is left