>> Valentine Wolf

when the lonely wolf goes out hunting
he thinks of all he left behind
though he`s not alone
sometimes he is lonely

sometimes he is bitter
from all the HUNTSINVAIN
time will make him better
time will make him sane

he`s crazy sometimes
crazy for you always

he don`t make no promise
he don`t pray to no god
he believesi n nothing
nothing but your love

he`s hunting for some place
he`s hunting for some peace
and when the war is over
that`s where we gonna be

>> Everything Is Easy

who`s afraid to face the truth
who likes it the complicated way
whose life is an excuse
just a non-stop runaway

everything is easy
that`s why it is so hard
we like the games and the teasing
and it makes us look so smart

we are smart
they are crazy
we are young
they are sikc
we look great
and that`s amazing and enough

where is the child in you
hiding somewhere or just dead
PEACEANDLOVE don`t sound so good

>> Earth Love Sun

the earth is
my head and
the clouds my hair and it`s turning grey

the grass is
my beard and
it`s turning green the snow`s my shaving cream

you are the sun
youg ive the light
you give the heat
you feed me life

when I turn my head
to watch the stars
I still spin my circles around you

I feel so universal
just like in a BEATLES song
I feel so connected
I wanna have the sun

the rock is
my brain and
the ocean`s my soul and it`s turning blue

are my sex and
the lava`s my semen and it turns into stone

>> Back Fore More

she left a house full of broken glass
the BROKENBOTTLES are from me
she could have had a glass of anything
and she will be back for more

you can never mend the broken bits
there will always be the crack
and if again it falls
it will break along the very same lines

and as time goes on
as they say in very cheap books
the parts won`t fit no more
exactly like they used to do

>> Carrefour

chante moi ce trè svieux song
de robert johnson
parle-moi du carrefour
où il a vendu son âme
il est mort de l`amour
est-ce qu`il a rendu son âme
chante-moi ce très vieux song
chante-moi le BLUES

o diable s`il te plaît
apprends-moi à jouer
prends ma guitare, d`accord
montre-moi trois accords
comme ça je n`ai plus peur
et si jamais j`en meurs
chante-moi ce très vieux song
chante-moi le blues