>> You Tell Me

break! you are indeed the one i do not look for,
my everlasting moment ive wished for,
has not come true.
are you dying or is it the pain i endure,
thats giving me that impression?
are you sleeping or is it my eyes that are shut?
my eyes are shut ...
break! the pain ...
is less reassuring,
than to see you face,
on a cold and rainy day.
so sad,
so sad,
so sad ...
more tears to my eyes (eyes).
falls down when i break,
and everything falls down when i break.

>> Fall From Grace

crack the cover of any book,
and begin to pathfind though-out,
the life,
of the story ...
and you will find,
that its ...
written by an author of life.
and i ant be there when you call me ...
(can i move) forward not behind?
(can i sail) far across the seas?
(will you let me) do as i please?
(why can i) let me go?
am i right or ami wrong,
will you be there when i call you?crack the cover of any book,
and begin to pathfind through-out,
the life,
of the story