> Labyrinth Of Fears
>> Unenlightened

it's me, something that doesn't exist anymore
just the shadow of what I was - a human being
I remember the life I lived, now so far away
memories are preserving my human part

I want a crystal heart
to not feel this cries

the beast is a part of me, I need it
that's why I'll always have to fight it
inviting power and desire
it wants to take away the light of my soul

it's me, forced to eat those I once belonged to
at every drop I fall down, more and more
a long night that will never end
the only dawn I see comes from my mind

>> Crown Of Thorns

I'm trying to fly
migrate towards a new dimension
to forget
wash away the blood which stains me

I've seen your hands build my coffin
I've seen your mind build my end

I've seen your finger point to me
I'm the sin, dig my grave
I'll be your scapegoat
your hands are digging while I drown
let me scream while I fall

crown of thorns

I'm crawling in front of you
your hand is still, kill me
I'm marked by a crown of thorns

>> The Change

I've made many mistakes, I've lied many times
hoping to change my life
living without be able to show
what I really am
only empty eyes follow my pain
I've denied God many times
father of my loneliness

oh, divine source of my tears
now I'm in front of you
I don't need your forgiveness
but give me another chance

kill me, gobble me
feed yourselves on my life
quench your thirst with my blood
there's no meaning at all, anymore
when there's no time for a change

you took off my breath
but not my life
it's written in our destiny
that evil never dies
I've denied God many times
creator of my agony
all the evil I've done

all that I'd like now
is to start all over again

kill me, gobble me
feed yourselves on my life
quench your thirst with my blood
there's no use in asking God's help
now that I don't want to change

>> Obsession

millions of images are growing in my eyes
as they vortically twist
a state of confusion absorbs my sight

feelings of claustrophobia dwell inside my shadow
hitting every obstacle
I'm breathlessly dragging myself to the goal
faded vision confuse my path
suspended in a supernatural dimension
I try to resist

paralyzed by obsession

strange eyes, unknown faces
surrounded by fears I try to escape
drowning in a sea of terror
I try to escape

by the light of just one candle
I walk through this dark dead end
symbols and screams follow my steps
while the cold wind of tragedy cuts my skin

>> The Last Candle's Burning

someone is calling me
breaking the walls of my mind
known voices invoke me
it's time to open the gates
reflected on the mirror
the eyes of the damned
no one can sentence me

your screams in my nightmares
your stare in my eyes
your innocence in my soul
the last candle's burning

the eyes of truth in the mirror
your hot blood slowed down its flow
yourbreath has stopped
your dream is broken
the last candle's burning

let me guide another victim in my mournful world
let me hear her screams
let me devour her flesh
reflected on the mirror
the eyes of the damned
no one can sentence me

>> Backward Flowing Time

lost in the land of nowhere
floating in a misty cloud of wonder
the quest has just began
through this dreamland I will travel
knowing just what I don't need to be
I'll start the search for the unknown
but all this seems so strange to me
like a race against a backward flowing time

timeless clocks unticking
I hear my lost voice calling from where I've never been
time - look the sand as it falls up
killing future, breeding past, annihilating memory

so here I wander, I'm looking for the path
lost between signs of time and ghosts of a truth supposed to be
so here I wander, I'll keep my eyes closed to foresee
where this dream will take me, when I will be free to live again
passing through the portals of mortal life

deep inside unreality
still roaming through this land of nowhere
echoes of a future that existed in the past
instantaneous feelings strike me
I hear voices from unborn existences
and see shadows of what shall be
suspended in a backward flowing time

a dream from which you can't awake
a life from which you aren't able to escape
no means to comprehend
the ultimate collapse of universe
a secret has still to be unveiled
the mistery of the sacred harmony
which lies beneath the twisting
of this backward flowing time

>> Sons Of Sterility

can't see any light out there in nothingness
a cold wind is blowin'
I fall into the void

a fall so endless, slowing my thoughts down
so painless, so deceiving
paralyzing my feelings
my hands are empty as well as my thoughts
it's me who asked for answers and didn't give none

now I'm just falling - sterility all around
trying to understand when and why self-consciousness died

passing under dark skies
suffering ancient pains without a hope
dwellers of a sad world
sentenced to live a life far from the stars

at the end I can see which was the cause for this paralyzing state of impotence
stepmother ignorance
surrender to my fears, conwuered by selfishness
I want to be reborn to a new life
hoping it's not too late
wretched, abandoned, lonely sons of sterility
that's what we are
will someone please tell me
there's nothing more we can obtain from life?

help me, mother
give me one more emotion
take away my pain
hold me, embrace me
heal me from this sterility
which grinds my heart

>> Dislocated

is there a sense in what I am doing?
could there be any reason for my suffering?
sometimes I feel my acts are replicated
a nonsense, my life is intoxicated
I'm just considered a mean of production
serving a factory should be my satisfaction
they give me a freedom made of blind compulsion
trapped in a cage I only feel self-repulsion

feeling dislocated
all my senses disconnected
memories confused and lost
I live between future and past

if I could take the time to think about my thoughts
and to embrace my whole life accepting my mistakes
I should be able to understand that I'm just dislocated
and that the search shall start before it gets too late

lost in a world of ignorance and pretension
I wonder where to find again my lost attention
I'm hearing nothing but the noise that's penetrating
I see the consequence, the damage it's creating
recalling memory to fill my whole extension
I'll recollect my past to reach the comprehension
I see my will give up to distortion
shall learn to disobey and start again from my emotions

I'm the guardian, I'm the prisoner
I'm the liar, the deceived one
I'm the tyrant, I'm the slave
I have to fight against my will

if I could take the time to think about my thoughts
and to embrace my whole life accepting my mistakes
I would be free to feel compassion towards my poor ambition
and to understand the pain that lies beneath this sad deception

if I could take the time to think about my thoughts
and to embrace my whole life accepting my mistakes
I'd look inside myself with a renewed sight
and see defeat and freedom - and above all, the light