Act Fast
> Seçme Parçalar
>> All Gone

besides your self you`re all alone,
the lights are on but no one`s home
you`re left here all alone with you fear,
a cry for help no one will ever hear
for how long have you hid your pain,
Tell me, what`s left to lose? What`s left to gain?
you look around this place for a friend,
you cant take much more you await the end
the gun in your hand will be the cure for your pain,
empty shells on the floor and a bullet in your brain
searching for a way out you`re so sick of this game,
as you search in this empty room you see no other way
This is it you say good bye,
you will be strong you will not cry
you couldnt hold on any more,
you couldnt find something to live for
you`ve no more strength to fight the fight,
you close your eyes you say goodnight
to proud to hide to weak to run,
now you find your self looking down the barrel of a gun
some body please explain to me,
how did it all get to be this way,
Tell me what could have been so wrong,
your life flashes before your eyes,
a tear shed before you take your life,
you felt out casted like you didnt belong,
I tried to help but you turned away,
was there something left to do, something left to say,
could I have made you made you see,
I can`t help feeling like its my fault,
you say you had nothing cuz you lost it all,
But you still had me!

>> Boring

Things never seem to turn out just right
Why I don`t know
Things used to move way to fast
Now it seems to move so slow
We used to do lots of cool stuff
Now I just sit and watch TV
Life used to be so exciting
What is wrong with me
Life is
Supposed to be spontaneous
When we`re young
Everything is supposed to move to fast
But Lately
Nothing seems too exciting
I`ve been getting lazier
Always out first and always in last
I think about the way things used to be
And then I kick myself
Cuz I know it will never be the same
Sometimes I wish I was someone else
I just get so God damn bored
Sometimes I feel like i`m dead
Everything is too calm
I know it`s not all in my head

>> Bruises

I dont` know
Why you do
Everything that you do
Seems to me
You can`t see
Just how much
That you`ve changed
And everything
That you do
Turns my skin black and blue
And why do you
Just proceed to beat the crap out of me
Am I finding too much out about you
Why didn`t you tell me I thought that I should know
You should have been straight with me and told me of your past
I should have told me I shouldn`t have had to ask
You wear a mask
So we won`t see through
You won`t let us
See the real you
You`re insecure
And afraid
Of what we might really think
You`ve got to learn
To not care too much
About what we think
And more about what you want
The real you inside
Is who we want to know
So just drop the act
And let it go
I`m sick
Of what you put me through
Trying to hide
What is really you
You are not
Fooling anyone
So drop the act
And have some fun

>> Dreaming

can you hear me calling into the night
screaming at the skies
and calling out your name
can you see me standing so close it hurts my eyes
and i realize
how your really so far away
im here today
gone tomorrow to yesterday
wishing i were with you
remember when
it was you and me and what couldve been
im wishing i was still with you
Tell me am I dreaming
Is this a fantasy
it seems like it was never meant happen
and like you never wanted it to be
I know that this will never bring you back
I dont even know if i would want it to
What we had is gone I know,
days went so fast and nights so slow
Nights filled with dreams of you
It came and went to fast
our first day was the last
Id ever spend with you
looking back
into the past
i know that it is over...

>> For The Better

You knew you were right-until I proved you wrong
You knew you were on track-till I showed you that you were lost
You knew that things were going good-till I showed you what life`s really like
You`re not everything you thought you were
It`s not too late, not yet at least
You can always change for the better
I`m not saying it`s easy, but neither is life
You`ve noticed your mistakes, it`s time to make a change
You knew you weren`t right - when I showed you how bad you were
You knew you were lost - But I told you how to get back on track
You knew things weren`t good - when I showed you your life
Do you notice the mistakes you`ve made

>> Lucky 13

Everything that I
Was taught to be right
Was it all a stupid lie
All the things you taught
All the battles we faught
And all the unforgetable thoughts
My brain is twisted now
The room it spins around
Everything I believed has broken down
How could you lie to me
The things you said I believed
But still I will not turn my back and run away
But I
Can`t find it in myself
To turn my back on you
No matter what you (do)
But I
Still don`t understand
All the things you taught
All the battles we faught
Tell me
Was it all a hoax
Was it just a scam
I don`t (understand)
Still I
Can`t find it in myself
To turn my back on you
No matter what you do
Your empty lies
Won`t save you this time
Cuz I know there`s nothing on the inside
I`d agree to stay
If you agree to change
But your answer will always be no way
You were once my friend
You said friends till the end
I will still try for as long as I can
Our friendship`s come undone
The burden ways a ton
You stabbed me in the back, True friends stab in the front
Lucky 13

>> Red Licorice

This is it
We`re all going down
What would be next
What unsuspecting town
Trajedies have come and gone
What horrors lay in the dark
The echo of another shot
Another psycho makes his mark
This is when we all fall
When everyday kids
Are dying in HS halls
Children lying dead
It seems that everyday
Another hate filled kid
Another trajedy
What a way to end it
With drug dealers and gangs
Living amongst us
Causing Violence and Hate
With ignorant Parents
Missing every sign
Another kid with a gun
How many more have to die

>> Reruns

Sometimes I
Feel my Life
Has stopped before
It has begun
Nothing`s changed
It`s all the same
My Life is just Reruns
Sitting alone
In my room
Another wasted night
Another episode
Constantly repeated
Forever is my life
So I conclude that
(Look mom, I`m on tv!)
Don`t know if I can cope
If everyone knows
When I am down
When I am low
Was it all a lie
My whole damn life
Was everything wrong
Was nothing right

>> Temptations

You show discontent
That`s fine, I don`t care
You`re never happy anyway
You care way too much
About what everyone else thinks
They might have liked you
But then you had to change
Good times will come
People will change
It could be worse you could be left with nothing
Instead you`ve got everything you want
You`re empty inside
But only you know
You`ll have everything
So it will not show
Nothing`s ever good enough for you
You say you`re giving up?
You say life`s too hard?
That`s typical for you, you never were very strong
You say it`s too hard to try
And things can`t get better
Like you`re the only one with problems
You`ve always been self centered

>> What

It`s not what you`d expect
This time it`s for real
And no one can make the decision for you
I can`t help you now
Neither can your friends
It`s up to you and only you
Only You
Please don`t go
You`ve come so far
I`m asking you to stay
Please don`t go
You`ve come too far to walk away
Please don`t go