Adam Brand
> Seçme Parçalar
>> Built For Speed

When I was a baby my mum and my dad
Said slow down son you’re crawling too fast
I had skinned up knees and bumps on my head
Well I couldn’t talk then but if I could I’d have said

I was built for speed I was born to run
I get chills when they fire off that starter’s gun
Keep your rocking chair and your tranquility
I wasn’t built for comfort I was built for speed

Well that car lot man said I’ve got a deal for you
It’s got air con, cushy seats and rides real smooth
Well I told him I don’t care if the saddle looks good
‘Cause it’s all about them horses underneath the hood

In a hundred years from now when my body gives out
I won’t have no nursemaid wheeling me around
I’ll take a chrome Harley motor and I’ll bolt it to my chair
And I’ll lay a strip of rubber up those pearly white stairs

>> Come From The Heart

When I was a young man
My daddy told me A lesson he learned a long time ago
If you want to have someone to hold onto
You're gonna have to learn to let go

You gotta sing like you don't need the money
Love like you'll never get hurt
You gotta dance like there's nobody watching
It's gotta come from the heart
If you want it to work

Now here is the one thing I keep forgetting
When everything is falling apart
In life as in love I need to remember
There's such a thing as trying too hard

>> Dirt Track Cowboys

Strap yourself in
Hang on for the ride
Dirts gonna fly
Grounds gonna shake tonight
You don't have to look far
"Cause it's right here in your back yard
There's a hundred tracks across our land
They call home this fearless band Of
Dirt Track cowboys

Dirt tracking Cowboys
Mudslinging Outlaws
This ain't no Hollywood star wars
It's the real deal open wheel
Dirt Track cowboys

There ain't nothing like
A big angry field
Tearing down the back straight
Wheel to wheel
He's got a big V8 underneath that hood
When the lights go green
Rushy's gonna scream
The wildest boys you ever have seen
They're dirt track, dirt track cowboys

>> Good Friends

Good times are worth more than money any day
That's what I always say
Good friends are worth more than money in the bank
That's what I always say
That's what I always say
Got a letter, made me lose heart
Gonna have to make a new start
I know whatever happens now
Don't worry, friends'll chip in
What's owed will be forgiven
I know whatever happens now
Worry about tomorrow
Ain't gonna change a thing Today

You are to me
Last Friday night down at the road house
Booth in the back, they sat alone
Holding hands like two young lovers
Her hair was grey, his hair was gone

She said to him
"I'm getting older
A pretty girl, no more to be
Heaven knows
I'm not a treasure"
He softly said "You are to me"

"You are to me a girl in spring time
The one I met so long ago
A moment captured for a lifetime
That's what I see you are to me"

He said to her "My work is done now
And all that's left are memories
Heaven knows, I'm not important"
She softly said "You are to me"

"You are to me a boy in spring time
The one I met so long ago
A moment captured for a lifetime
That's what I see you are to me
Last Friday night down at the road house

>> Good Things In Life

We were barely seventeen
Two kids with the grown up dream
Of a perfect love Foolin' round in my first car
Careful not to go too far
That's how it was
We had a simple wedding
You looked beautiful in white
And I recall your mother's blessing
On our wedding night "I wish you every happiness
And may you always have the best
Of the good things in life"

We moved into a commission house
It wasn't much and it wasn't ours
But we had plans
I worked nights and you worked days
And twelve months seemed to slip away
Like an avalanche
Then I came home one morning
Found your note pinned to the door
Saying if this is a perfect love
I don't want it any more

But "I wish you every happiness
And may you always have the best
Of the good things in life"

I was back in town just passing through
Catching up with friends we knew
For old times sake In a crowded lunch time bar
I turn around and there you are
Face to face
And for the sweetest moment
A smile came to your eyes
So I whispered as you walked away
With the new man at your side
"I wish you every happiness
And may you always have the best
Of the good things in life"

>> Grandpa's Piano

Grandpa had a piano it was built in 1904
He brought it down from Sydney town before the First World War
He'd sit down and crack his knuckles put his glasses on his head
When he'd start to play the cat would run and hide behind the bed

Well his right foot stomped the pedals and his left foot stomped the floor
His wrinkled hands would skip the keys that wouldn't play no more
He'd play Onward Christian Soldiers and the window panes would shake
When the man of 87 played his old 88

The piano sat in a corner on a sagging hardwood floor
On top was a frame I made for him with a picture of the Lord.
A faded baptist hymnal took it's place above the keys
We'd take turns sitting by him he'd nod we'd turn the page

Well the old piano's silent now it don't ring with joy no more
Except sometimes when the cat jumps down when there's someone at the door
I can see him up in heaven with a smile upon his face
When God and all the angels let him lead Amazing Grace

>> I Did What

I woke up this morning smelling like lemons
Salt on the back of my hands
Mouth was so dry
I couldn't even spit My eyes felt
like they were full of sand
I called Troy Jenkins to see if he survived
My head pounding like a stone
He started reeling off things I did last night
And I cried out over the phone

I did what? I smooched who?
Oh tell me the boss wasn't there
And that I caused quite a scene
When I stripped off my jeans
And did a slide in my underwear
I did what? I mooned who?
Oh this time I guess I crossed the line
There'll be hell to pay
But what can I say
I must've had a real good time

Troy laughed and said some guy named Red's
Been looking for you all night
And oh by the way his girl said to say
"Just come back any old time"
Then he went down the list of the things I'd done
As I listened in misery I was thinking real hard
about leaving town And changing my identity

What can I say I had a bad day
I guess I just lost my mind
It's all just a blur
But one things for sure
I must've had a real good time

>> I Thank The Good Lord

I thank the good Lord
For sending you
I believe in miracles
Yeah now I do
And I can’t help but thinking
Someone upstairs made a big blue
But I gotta thank him
For sending you

I can still remember the first night we met
My mouth it wasn’t working
Neither was my head
It must be intervention or it must be divine
Could be kindness week
Or it could be the wine

Now I pray that you will say yes tonight
‘Cause I’m gonna ask if you will be mine

>> King Of The Road

Joey lived a mile out a Southern Cross
Working on trucks for the local pit boss
Friday nights when he'd come to town
They'd all line up to see him lay some
Rubber down

Joey had a ute built in '74
With a 350 Chevy and 4 on the floor
Chrome wire wheels and customised back
He could run the main street ¼ mile in under 10 flat

Cause he's the king of the road out here
He's won four big Ford's and an old John Deer
He won the summer nationals twice
Hes the king of the road out here on Friday nights

Was a summer's night and I remember it well
A city boy thought he had a story to tell
He had a turbo charged flash in the pan
He walked up to Joey and said hey
I hear you're the man

The whole town was there it was quite a scene
It was the biggest race there ever had been
That little car looked pretty in red
Now Joey's gran is driving it instead

You might have Brocky in the city spotlight
But you ain't ever seen Joey on a Friday night
Folks come a running from miles around
Just to see our Joey laying rubber down

>> Little Girl

Darling one day you will know
Why it is that you must go
Why tomorrow you will be
So far away from me
Maybe then we'll understand
how easily The time between
the sweetest love and bitter tears
Can be measured in your tender years

Some would say the world is lost
In court rooms as the details
Of the custody and court costs
Are read aloud to the parties
I believe my world is saved
By a little girl watching her daddy shave

Standing there without a care
Watching daddy through your hair
Suddenly I recognise
What used to be your mother's eyes

>> Little Sisters

Little Sisters, Little Sisters
They'll niggle and annoy you
Like a blister in your shoe
But God bless my Little Sisters
'Cause this big brother
Well he's looking out for you

I grew up with my sisters
There was Flatty, Nat and Dee
I was on my own 'til they hustled in on my territory
It's tough to be a fella
And outnumbered one to three

We'd squabble in the car
When Dad would take us for a run
The girls would get all teary and say
"Look what Adam's done"
And while the girls got ice cream
I got booted in the bum

Now we've grown up and it's been years
Since I moved away Flatty, Nat and Dee they
dropped in yesterday
We got on like a house on fire
And I wanted them To stay

>> My Minds Made Up !

We'd better stop before we go
Look to the left and right and go a little slow
Take some time just to see If we are really meant to be
The whole world says it's you and me

Hey little girl when you talk that way
My minds made up and I have to say
You're the one I'm dreaming of
I finally find myself in love

All it takes is one kiss
To make my heart melt down like this
My walls come on down Like Jericho baby, you tore them down
You turned my world upside down

Frankie and Johnny, Jack and Dianne
Lois Lane and Superman
My pretty woman, my little white dove
My guardian angel sent from Heaven above

>> Revhead

If you've ever dropped the clutch, you're a rev head
If you've ever smoked 'em up, you're a rev head
If your tyres are wide and your t-shirt's black
Your very first date was at the speedway track
It's time to face the fact you're a rev head

If you love Peter Brock you're a rev head
If you've ever chucked a lap round the block, you're a rev head
If you've got a spoiler and a set of mags
Lost a few points and won a few drags
Well you ain't one of the dags,
you're a rev head GTS or XR8
XU1 or Chevrolet
Music up Hammer down
The words all over town
You're a rev head

If your man talks nothin' but cars, he's a rev head
And for Christmas he wants
spare parts, he's a rev head
So you want him to sweep
you off your toes A bubble bath
and a long stem rose But he buys you
a radiator hose, he's a rev head

GTS or XR8 XU1 or Chevrolet
Music's up Hammer down The words all over town
You can settle down with kids and a wife
But when a Chevy pulls up by you at the lights
Your foot goes down and your knuckles go white
You're an R-E-V H-E-A-D Rev 'em up boys

>> Size Two Boots

I got a size two pair of boots
I ain't ever gonna sell them and that's the truth
They ain't for walking around this town on the ground
Special kind of shoes the best I've found

Well they're kinda small, there's a reason for that
They go with a jacket and an itty bitty hat
"Cause my boy's on his way and I can tell you for sure
He'll be driving girls wild by the time he's four

"Cause he'll rock like Elvis and sing like Jones
Born to be wild and bad to the bone
He'll have his mama's good looks, his daddy's keen eye
There ain't a bull alive he won't be able to ride

Well it happened like this without a word of a lie
One night while I was singing a lullaby
I had him in my name when I noticed that curl
That's when I realised my boy was a girl
Well she fits them boots, she looks real smart
That sweet little girl has stolen my heart
She's got her mama's good looks and you know
What that means
I'll be guarding the door 'til she's thirty-three

>> Smile

Sometimes love is what we make it
Sometimes we’re not making love at all
Sometimes when our hearts are breaking
Should we give up or should we give our all

There’s so much that we don’t understand
But we can bring the magic back again
Take a lesson from a little child
They can always find a smile

Sometimes life is what we make it
Sometimes we don’t make it much at all
Sometimes it’s so hard to take it
The world’s so big and we feel so small

When the magic flies away from us
We could use a little fairy dust

>> Stiches

There’s a scar on my right elbow
From a barbed wire fence when I was eight years old
I must have ran a mile just crying in my torn shirt
‘Till I heard the words tell me where it hurts.

If there was a scratch or a bruise on my skin
Mama would put me back together again
All it took was her prayers and her kisses
It would heel me just like stitches.

I took Sherry Johnson to the high school dance
But she left early with my best friend
I must of drove ten miles to get my mind off her
But it didn’t work ‘till I heard the words tell me where it hurts

She could mend a broken heart, fix a bicycle wreck,
Funny now but back then it seemed life or death
I’ve seen her sew rags into riches
It would heel me just like stitches.

>> That Was Us

Twenty dollars out of mumma’s purse bought us a tank of gas
And a pack of tobacco when we were just teenage kids
Me and Jack and Danny we’d go driving around
If there was trouble to be found then we found it quick

Chuckin’ doughnuts in the field
‘Till old man Smith would call the cops
He’d come running out with a shotgun
‘Cause we were running down his crops
And I reckon he’s still wondering who that was
But that was us

Now some of those local boys moved on but we never changed a bit
Never had a scrap of sense, least that’s what some folks said
Then we finally turned old enough to buy our own beer
Don’t remember much about that year, just lucky that we’re not dead

‘Cause somebody said they saw some boys
With a ute looked just like mine
Trying to pull down that old water tank
That sits out by the railway line
And people wonder why it leans the way it does
Well that was us

Seems like small towns never change
But things get tough when times get hard
And they said when he got sick
That old man Smith would have lost that farm
‘Cause he was getting way behind on all his bills
‘Till someone came and brought his crops in from the fields
Yeah and folks ‘round here still don’t know who that was
That was us

Chuckin’ doughnuts in the fields
‘Till old man Smith would call the cops
He’d come running out with a shotgun
‘Cause we were running down his crops
Somebody said they saw some boys
With a ute looked just like mine
Trying to pull down that old water tank
That sits out by the railway line
That was us
That was us

>> That’s Who We Are

Little Brodie Williams plays with little Jimmy Lee
One comes from Horsham
One lives down by the sea
One’ll go to uni
One’ll stay on the land
‘Cause we sure need more doctors
And we sure need the working man

‘Cause that’s who we are
That’s who we are

His papa was Italian
Came out in ‘53
His mother came from Poland
You should see the family tree
Fell in love with an angel
From the land of the rising sun
He loves his country music
Cold beers and having fun

When the world falls down around you
And you’re feeling two foot tall
Hold your head up high and proud
When your backs against the wall
And show ‘em who you are

There’s a cute girl named Ali
She drives an old work ute
Met some fellas down in Tassie
Who can really raise the roof
When we all get together
We all sing as one
Back to back we stand
‘Till we get the job done

>> The Anzac

1914 began, he was working on the land with his mum and dad
He left behind his girl, joined up to see the world, it made his mother sad
He made it through the war, came back to town
To help his father work the fields and rebuild his life somehow
And everybody called him the ANZAC and that’s still what they call him now

He set his mind to stay when his father passed away and the river ran dry
He said "I’ll take care of you mum, I’ve fought before and won, we can win this fight"
All alone he’d work all day until he’d drop, until the place got back to best he didn’t stop
There were times he thought he’d been forgotten
But every night at six o’clock

They’d stand for that man they called the ANZAC
And those who gave their lives for us
They’d stand for that man they called the ANZAC
For fighting for the land he loves

At the same time every year we all remember him
At the crack of dawn we stand as one for all our fallen friends
So drink to that man we call the ANZAC
We will remember him

So stand for that man we call the ANZAC
And those who gave their lives for us
Let’s stand for that man we call the ANZAC
For fighting for the land we love

Let’s stand for that man we call the ANZAC
For fighting for the land we love

We will remember them

>> Uncle Pete

My Uncle Pete was a trucker
Riding that Nullarbor Plain
Ten split gears and an overdrive
Chrome stacks shooting out flames

He'd throw me up into the cab
My little hands would grip the wheel
I would dream about the day
I could drive that rig for real

Rolling, rolling, rolling around the world
Ten years old and ten feet tall, waving goodbye to
The girl next door
Rolling, rolling, today I'm the king of my street,
I got my sleeves rolled up and my arm hanging out
As I drive off with Uncle Pete
As I drive off with Uncle Pete

Heading west on highway one
My eyes are glued to the road
The two-way always in my hand
"Little Buddy" that's my code

We pull into Micks for a pie and chips
Not a brussel sprout in sight
Some yarns to spin as we listen to
Slim Then we drive into the night

If I had one wish I'd wanna be,
If I had one wish I'd wanna be,
If I had one wish I'd wanna be like my Uncle Pete

>> When The Needle, Hit The Vinyl

We never saw them holding hands
Or kissing all that much
They must have loved each other
Huh, there were 6 of us
Mama held the fort down
Dad he went to work
We never thought about what she meant to him
Or what he meant to her
Sometimes on a Saturday
They'd crank up that stereo
Grab a stack of old 45 records
We'd watch 'em put on a show

When the needle, hit the vinyl
Mama's hair came down
Dad he came unwound
In their own world
Just a boy and girl
We couldn't believe our eyes
How they came alive
When the needle hit the vinyl

Six kids on a worn out couch
We didn't say a word
Dad would put on "My Girl"
And sing it right to her
Mama she was glowing
Dad he made the perfect moves
Neither one of them seemed like
The mum and dad we knew
They both looked younger
As they went round and around
Under the spell of that popping cracking sound
Then something happened
When they danced to the slow ones
They got this funny look then said
"Okay kids it's time for bed"