> Seçme Parçalar
>> Apnea

when conversation is candid, a minimum of panic
and adjectives add color to it all
rumors run amok like redneck pickup trucks
they`re lifted up and rippin` up my yard (lawn)
think you`ll find a crowd and get real drunk and loud
you turn around and everyone(`s) on guard (is gone)
make your idle threats and pretend you lost a bet
you shave yourself like Geldof in ³The Wall²
when conversation is static the minimum is havoc
and adjectives can`t cover it at all
so save your breath cause you have sucked the last one from my chest
and say your prayers and hope there`s something out there
you can try to scream a thousand different things
but you know you never will be heard
and you can turn a phrase a dozen different ways
but in the end they`re still just words
(to tell you it`s okay)
(so you know you`re not alone)
please let me out (is anybody there?)
something ain`t right down here (anyone at all?)
please get me out ( does anybody care...)
there`s something alive down here ( all?)
so save your breath cause you have sucked the last one from my chest
and say your prayers and hope there`s something out there, and it cares
are you there, and tell me have you ever been so scared?
cause I never, ever have been so scared

>> Cataract

you are one fantastic disaster waiting to happen
saccharin sarcastic with a twist of lemon
you`re a walking car crash; a beautiful demise
a favorite accident; the littlest white lie
there`s always something in your way
(for those who can`t see past the waves)
stubbornness suggests seeing is believing
(it`s only there if you see something)
in fact that cataract`s impeding your receiving
(cataract impedes receiving)
you`re iconoclastic; the subtlest of changes
quickly turning drastic; a crumbling rock of ages
you`re an allergic reaction to a harmless stimuli
a slowly sinking boat suddenly bone dry
you`re all alone, buried in the sand
and watching all these waves roll in
waiting for the tide to rise
and wash these memories from your mind

>> Christmas In Seattle

dream of sugar plums...don`t bite your nails, don`t suck your thumb...and
don`t sass mom and dad or on christmas morning no presents will be had
yesterday I rode my skateboard to the local shopping mall...I had me a secret
christmas agenda-I was going to see old Santy Claus...I waited in line for
like an hour and then I sat on the fat man`s lap...they took my picture and he
said, "what would you like for christmas?"...I pulled out my wishlist just
like that...hey I`d really like a tattoo...something that says a lot about me,
you know something real personal...I figured maybe a peace sign, or a
yin-yang, or a sunflower, or barbed wire stretched around my arm...that would
be so damn original
well I really wanted a choo-choo train...and I really wanted a`s christmas time in
the city
hey I really would like a gas station attendant`s jacket...but it`s got to
have a nametag with a name that`s not my own though...I figured maybe Roy or
Chuck or Gus or Cooter, how about Cooter?...I think Cooter would be a great
name for a gas station attendant, don`t you, Santa?
ho, ho, ho...hope you find some originality underneath your christmas
tree...when it`s christmas time in seattle even Santa`s wearing flannel...I
want a hemp hat...I want a tattoo...I want a free piercing in the body part of
my choice...I want to wear pants with all the cuffs cut off...I want to grow a
goatee and drink a latte...I want to be alternative and fit in...I want to be
an individual like everyone else...I what to be alternative and fit in...I
want to be original like everybody else...can you fulfill my christmas wish?

>> Circus Monkeys

won`t you take a trip with me funny bone deep down to the end of college
street...there`s three guys there that you`ve got to meet...they`ve got some
stories, jokes, and songs that you have just got to hear...and maybe while
we`re there they`ll buy us some beer
well we are those three guys...and no, we really don`t mind a little company
from time to time...they keep coming through the door...fifty minors, or maybe
more...the house is full...the only place to sit is on the floor
when will you play a song for me...I like the one that`s
christmassy...when will you show some fan loyalty?...I don`t know
tell you neighbors...go tell all your friends...and bring them over just to
meet the band...pound some porters, share some smokes, and get out of
hand...we`re not complaining and we don`t mean to grouse...but this
persistence is freaking us out...pretty soon we`ll have to charge admission
just to get in our house
we`re nobody`s circus monkeys...we`re not some tongue-in-cheek show here
for you to amuse your buddies...will you do it again?...I don`t know
we`re nobody`s circus monkeys...we`re not some fucking freakshow here for
you to amuse your buddies...will it ever end?...I don`t know
1,2,3,4 who`s sleeping on my floor?...1,2,3,4 who`s knocking at my
door?...1,2,3,4 will you go to the store?...who`s knocking at my door?...I
don`t know

>> Faceplant

she`ll learn her lesson to never stare at anyone who`s breathing air
his fists and teeth are tightly clenched, and she`d rather be anywhere but
hey, hey, jealousy is such a waste
save face and be a man and simply walk away
he`s ignited, his temper`s flared, and she`s so frightened, but he doesn`t
a short fuse got the best of him and in her head she screams a silent prayer
jealousy is just the way they faceplant
so be a man and simply walk away

>> Fall From Grace

give me a sign...when will it be my time?...come around to my way of
thinking...spent my life simply sitting idly your side, but you were
so blind...shocked alive with a shake and a panic...realization is no slap on
the wrist...come to grips with the terms of termination...straight rejection,
has it come down to this?
don`t talk to me...don`t speak...don`t be
where am I going?...where have I been?...why do I breath?...and why do I
sin?...could it be that you have forsaken me?...could it be your love for me
is dead and gone?...misconception of perfection that could be real...why can`t
I be your somebody else? it seems you`ve condemned me for what I make me hate myself
3 A.M. and I lay with a blank stare...7 hours in a week and a half...lack of
sleep brought about by conversations that I`ve had in my future, present, and
I fell from you

>> Geek Out

keep it thin, keep in down, and keep it in sight
I honestly swear that I know I`ve never felt spite quite like this before
and I know it`s going to be a long time
before I tell you when I`ll want to see you again, it`s an unflattering
matter of opinion
indecision drags you in like quicksand
now you`re wishing you still had the strong hand you severed with mistrust
holding you fast against the undertow`s grasp
and I`m almost sure you`ve heard it before
so I won`t bore with the way it is
cause the look on your face says you feel out of place
should we bother to waste another day as this?
friction thawed these frozen memories awake
what`s it about when you`re geeking out?
another bottle of thrills will kill the attitude
when the look on your face says you feel out of place
should I bother to waste another day on you?
still I will

>> Ghoti

she was nothing when she was laid back
but she was something when she was on the attack
she was underneath
she was up above
she was the enemy
she was my love
she comes crawling down
she floats above the ground
she was awesome
she was awful
she was out of her mind
she was out of line
she came on to me
she ran out on me
this is not my idea of a good time
we don`t fit the mold, we don`t play the part
this is not my idea of a good time
we don`t fit into your thoughts

>> Let Me Sleep

sit back, relax...can I share a word with you?...unwind and open your
mind...let`s just try to work this through...cause I`d really like to
I`ll bet you forget conversations have two sides...cause when I begin to speak
you scoff and roll your eyes...sometimes it gets so complicated...and I find
myself so frustrated now
you don`t pay attention when I think out loud
you won`t even listen to a single sound
answers and solutions formulate in time
if simply please let me speak my mind
it`s been awhile since you`ve`ve been so preoccupied...just laugh
and let it pass and get on with your life...sometimes it gets so
complicated...and I find myself so frustrated now
I don`t worry about what I want cause I am one who needs
let me be
let me sleep tonight

>> Lucky Scars

a double-take at the first glance
now every face has their eyes on you
it`s hard to fake what`s left to dumb luck and chance
now expectations are something new
an immunity to the threat of gravity
no one wants to kiss the ground
the hardest thing is finally finding out
that not coming down is like playing chess with God
no, I won`t count my lucky scars
with (this) time their stories won`t (don`t) mean a thing at all
another night with an ever so slight
chance to widen someone`s eyes
you take the stage, you`re trying hard not to shake
they bring the lights down, they`re all watching you
it`s new to me, this threat of gravity
I can`t conceive of crashing down
the hardest thing is finally realizing
we chase a dream less likely than true love

>> Miss America Smile

played enough games of chance
first your jaw drops and then you shit your pants
holding on to the ceiling when your tomorrows became your yesterdays
your abdomen is a little swollen, a belt of bruises proudly you display
don`t walk away like everything`s fine now
you`ll finally find out just how your crown outshined your reign
we hope you see this through (it`s true)
will time be on your side?
when we know it`s alright
what you don`t know won`t hurt you this time
all the while your smile it shines so bright
activated (fascinated, captivated) by the faded light
another day, another riddle
tip-toe the middle of what you think and what you know
lungs worn away, a dull ache, a sad heart
old scars and track marks of courage overthrown
don`t try to say it isn`t tragic
when your life of pageantry is reduced to dead bouquets
I know that you`ve had enough
obeyed when they betrayed your trust
you never thought that this would last
but you can`t burn those photographs
that have been etched into your mind
you see the slide show all the time
and I know I told you so
I told you so, you know

>> My Name Is Shame

I`m all alone with my thoughts and feeling lonely in this crowded room...just
how close are we to taking this too far?...gaze into the haze and find a`s who we are
the day I was born they gave me a name
they slapped my ass and called me shame
I try to make a change, but it stays the same
my name is shame
if shame`s a game this game is lame
born to succeed and choose to lose...I was so concrete when so faces beg - amuse us if you can...turning heads is dead...get
beneath our skin
gaze into the haze and find a star...gaze into the haze, it`s who we
are...force a smile only when provoked...showing all your teeth to let them
know...cornered creatures jumping at the chance to self-preserve...the nerve
of self-defense

>> Nannygoat

on a summer`s day when I was eight, or maybe I was six
I befriended a new kid (no pun intended)
oh Mommy no I don`t think this little guy can see
his eyes are all cloudy
I asked why he was blind
Mom said that`s just god`s plan, I`d say that he`s been damned
we loved to play and I would wake up before the sun
before the day had begun
I couldn`t comprehend or understand why his head would sway
by the way, we named him Dave
and I cried cause you were blind
but you were a dynamo, you`re a goddamned nannygoat
time to part our ways, an end to play, an end to fun and games
an end that sadly came
neighbor up the hill took you in when we moved away
and gave you a place to stay
and I cried when I heard you died
you were just nine years old
you`re a goddamned nannygoat
but you were a dynamo

>> Precios

what this? you`re at it again
blurring lines separating friends
I know that it seems that you`re so unkind
I can see it every time when some say you talk too much
others can`t seem to get in touch
I know there`s something when there`s nothing wrong
and I can`t seem to find a comfort zone
anyways, I`ll be fine as long as I start breathing
no one`s stuck here cause they all went home
anyone can be the one to waste your time
well that`s just the way they keep you all in line
strike two, what do you say?
same old shit, it`s just different days
I know that it seems that you`re out of time
and I don`t pay it any mind when some say you laugh too much
others can`t seem to get enough
you`re so infectious in your precious bones
and I can`t seem to find a comfort zone
anyways, I`ll be be alright as long as I start breathing
now there`s something that`s been coming up
anyone can be the one to waste your time
well that`s just the way they keep you all in line
so take your time, it`s just the way you keep it all inside
you store emotions in waveless oceans
pointless things can`t seem to bring it back
at least or so I guess
and I`ll bet you`ll never forget this
everything that makes you hated are the very things that make you precious
well that`s just the way you thought it up
well that`s just the way you hold it up
well that`s just the way you brought it up
well that`s just the way you keep it all in line

>> Simmer Down

once when I was young and I`d think about what there is to think about, like
issues facing youths of the day...I had those girly mags, they were stashed
away underneath my pillowcase, a hiding place I thought was safe...until the
day my mom went into my room with the vaccuum and the broom while I was away
at school...when I got home shit hit the fan, is this any way to become a
man?, I guess there`s a price to pay for preteen curiousity
well what do you want this to be?
and what do you want from me?
all you want to do girl is go, go, go
just simmer down
as the years rolled by we moved away from that grand old country place and
bought a cityside was a cul-de-sac, kids were all around, living
in a playground, life was never good - it was great...and we would kick the
can almost every night, curfew never on our minds, airtight little band of
friends...a girl lived across the way who never gave us the time of day, but
that`s ok cause we knew a way to get our revenge
all you people going out and going around, different bars in different towns,
trying to take somebody home...a two drink minimum at least for conversation
that`s less than intellectually stimulating, tell me is it worth what you pay?
friendly scene backstage and at the show, beers and jokes and folks we know is
more or less what it`s all about...the compliments rain down and they hit
the ground landing with a muffled sound, we`re more interested in hanging
out...and then a bra it flew across the room landing with a sonic boom, a
groupie, or at least a wannabe...we said we want no part cause special girls
have already captured our hearts, so replace your top, before you start just

>> State Of The Mind

forget all I know...I`m blamed for what I`m told...but time to
time...returning to my mind
feel the cold on the soles of my feet...see the old memories in my dreams
a cold wind blows on the soles of my feet...and I know there`s nothing
that I need
I`ll run out of strength before I`m out of time...and this is not quite what I
had in mind
I do what I can...again and again...get out of my head...this failure is a
state of mind

>> Velcro Gloves

you lie awake at night terrified at times
you know when it`s this still the thoughts return again
and you know that when you try counting sheep
you can`t seem to keep yourself from helping them over the fence
say, that`s sick and wrong
but that`s a flat fact that you knew all along
you can`t get enough (it up)
of (for) all the wool you pull with your velcro gloves
you haven`t slept in days, maybe it`s been weeks
and you`re so afraid, you`re haunted by their bleats
pretty soon it`s months turning into years
all it takes is once to perpetuate your fears
when you get to twenty-one nobody wants to know
how you keep counting sheep when you`re out of fingers and toes, oh no!