Agnostic Front
> Seçme Parçalar
>> Another Side

awash on the tides of city rain i flow through the streets and into the drains numbed by the gaze of uncaring faces try to offer my truth--but they drift away until the streets and myself have no name no longer human--no longer the same lost all hope--lose all dreams--no more pain awake--i choke on human steam and the stench of animal fear tonight i`m going to light a match and let the sewer burn--until my soul is clear each night a thousand hearts are wasted on those who don`t care if they live or die each day i wade through vacant stares and wonder are they looking for the same things as i i see the people turn away and still hear every word they say hope someday i`ll have the nerve to put a bullet through my brain and not a needle in my vein

>> Anthem

changes that were hardly noticed until time itself became a chain once hot blood began to cool my ever slowing heart--beat in vain from the nightmare i wake in another dream and stare at an unbroken sky try to distill a cure for the plague that`s put to rest everything--i once felt inside to never again be bound by united blood a sense of purpose lost forever more is this the way i`ll die? no! i`ll find the sense of honor--that i held once before the blood--the honor--the truth thought it would never end the blood--the honor--the truth can be part of our lives again

>> Bastard

i remember just the best of you, like the beatings and bruises you gladly through. and when it came down for mental support a blatant strike was how you would resort. tell me what i have done wrong to deserve pain so strong. havent i proven your pride or just a loser in your eyes? so what in the truth is to expect from you after being so abused, so comfused? but thats alright because it only shows that all you had to offer were a few low blows. where did i do you wrong? when have i done you wrong? i know you wish i never existed. showing destain you never resisted. a real father figure you never showed. just emptiness is all i knew. tell me where did i go wrong? was i when i was first born? i could never be your son for all the damage that youve done. where did i do you wrong? when have i failed to show that i can only hold such wrong... sorry about the html but im too damn lazy to erase it.

>> Blind Justice

so they say they`ll set me free if i plead quilty and let it be but i`m not the one who did their crimes so why should i keep taking their jives i`m done playing all their games and being titled low life names when i`m innocent and concerned of who i`m and what i`ve learned i`m not the one who did their crimes there`s no justice, there`s just us blind justice srewed all of us there`s no justice, there`s just us we need justice for all of us

>> Crime Without Sin

bless me father for i have sinned. those crimes that i commited, well, i did em again. empty my soul to empower yours. lead me blindly down the path to salvations doors. god in your vanity laws you decree. will give eternal freedom with murder first degree.. look in the mirrir, what would you see. a reflection of your people struck by power and greed. bless me father, for i have sinned. the guidlines for my behavior from above, not within. they say man is his own hell. man created in gods image, that goes for you as well.

>> Crucial Changes

now is the time to show what to do crucial change, it all starts with you you`re not here to make this a better place you`re not happy i see it in your face

>> Crucial Moment

so many people will come and go past their time before they know swear they were there from the start never had it in their hearts things you do--come back to you things you`ve said--echo on inside your head figureheads come cheap these days no one listens to what they say in their faces i see the fear a crucial moment drawing near you pay the price--take bad advice what they said--echoes on in your head

>> Crucified

they ask why do we dress this way live for now--don`t understand today see the kids--but don`t hear what they say close your eyes and look the other way say the end justifies the means gonna lock us up and throw away the keys crucified--crucified for your sins crucified--crucified for your sins they don`t know our feelings--only desperate cries they see reflections through distorted eyes we don`t care because it breaks their views got to learn to fight to live before they grind us under heel we`re the targets so easy to find and we`re the ones that won`t stay in line i find myself nailed to a cross for something that i didn`t do it`s your fault you`ve ruined our lives and we`re the ones you crucify you`re the ones who commit the crimes but it`s always us who do the time