> Seçme Parçalar
>> Flight Of Torek

The King has ruled a reign of long
And good and fair he was to all
But alas, the sun sets on his time
Which renders him frail and small
The throne now calls the next in line
Where Torek stands, proud and strong
His destiny writ in the books of old
To rule as King in the House of Ainean

But pride can come to rule the ones
Whose hearts are faintly clouded
For love can blind and torture you
And in rage leave you shrouded
Destruction of a soul
Can be the aftermath of loss
Then fear the flight of Torek
For it will bring chaos!

The crown that lays upon his head
Is surely bright and shining
But won't compare to his shining love
For whom his heart is pining
A queen he needs to fill the place
Beside his throne now empty
And he's longed for his Lady Oria
For a thousand years and twenty


Of his love he'd said to none
Whilst plans he'd had to make
And on the eve that he would profess
His plans he came to break
For Talon came, his brother dear
Shaking with delight
And with growing rage did Torek hear
His love was taken claim that night

My brother, I have such news to share
My longing kept hidden in strife
My heart is overjoicing
For soon I shall have a wife
To Oria Allyahan
Did I profess my love
And fall into my arms did she
And say that she did love...
... me too

Fire coursing through his veins
To Oria he ran
To beg her if it all was true
To pray to understand

So hear did he her true heart said
Her love belonged to his brother
And curse did he their new found love

[Aina Choir:]
For cursed she s

>> Lalae Amer

Tonou yeawr din fielor.
Yearw refethou tourw naervol aerl sessopwr
Leafir aerthoutun edb,
Jewraen haen Syrius thnoudeti ere,
Shyarth duroul asronyth d'emteld
Etin teldan aemocryth swrulaj?
Laet, d'iri ismythou traeln tin lalae
Lem nor, henosh rennwr evolaesh
Soltnae jewri lemnoshae amer:

(Everything is so perfect
perfect, yet so completely strange at the same time
I've never met you, the name Syrius says nothing to me
And yet I feel I've known you forever
Does this have a greater meaning?
Yes, it seems you and I have a long
And beautiful song ahead of us
But no, I have no fear because I feel the love in you)

>> Naschtok Is Born

Journey far and journey long
Must I before I rest
I leave the world behind
My world, I leave behind
No care have they, that evil folk
For souls cast aside
They beat my heart to dust
My heart beaten to dust

Weeks I go over hill and plain
Till I come to the pits of Hell
A barren land of rot
A land of barren rot
A gruesome beast call this their home
Who gladly I befriend
They need someone to rule
I'll be the one to rule

Then feast your eyes upon this jewel
An empire arises!
From nothingness I'll come to rule
Over the world's horizons

The beast in you has longed for blood
And blood you now shall taste
Your Saviour has at last arrived
In Nachtok we're embraced
Our day is come!

The Krakhon folk I've come to love
Near to my soul, they are
We hate and burn as one
We burn our hate as one
In ugliness I've found my core
A festering desire
To loose the pending storm
The doom within the storm

And feast your eyes upon this jewel
An empire arises!
From nothingness I'll come to rule
Over the world's horizons
Your wicked souls
Have longed for flesh
And flesh you now shall taste
Your hunger will not be denied
In Nachtok you're embraced
Our day is come!

The hand of fate reaching
From the bowels of the Earth
They'll not foresee as it takes hold
And grinds them into dirt
Retribution I'll deal out
No less than they deserve
And claim their shining deity
And on their knees they'll serve

[The Krakhon Army:]
Then feast your eyes upon this jewel
An empire arises!
From nothingness I'll come to rule-acap

>> Rape Of Oria

Rest your mind, Silver Maiden
Don't fear
The things that happen to you now can't be helped
Be strong and think of your love, your strength
Beauty and purity hold the spirit where it can never be tarnished

Sleep, sleep
Dream, dream
Don't fear, don't fear
Remember love
Remember love...

>> Rebellion

The mountains are calling
The heavens, they beckon her home
Our sadness is falling
We'll take back our fate on our own

So hear what I tell you
It's time we strengthen our land
It's true, He can smell you
But let them come, this time we'll stand
Up and fight!

We'll take back our land
Take all the fret they've made
Take back he Hand
Make them regret that they
Ever turned their sights on Aina!

It's time Oriana
Was restored her rightful place
It's now going on a
Long time we've been running the race

We've been lost without her
No more confusion will reign
Te future's about her
Out liberty we will reclaim
Once again!


No more disparity
Out with insanity
Peace for eternity
We'll drive out the Demons
And make sure they never return!

So hear what I tell you
It's time we strengthen our land
It's true, He can smell you
But let them come, this time we'll stand
Up and fight!

>> Restoration

Blessed land, the shining star
Once again in light you are
Broken lives are mended
Though minds never forget their scars

[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Aindahaj, etinae shalae outhaed infinisme
Aindahaj, yathe jebri swrutaen caore shawrtoumisme

(Aina, your infinite beauty restored
Aina, perhaps this time it will remain always)

Blessed land, your Queen's returned
The fires purging Naschtok burn
Broken hearts are tended
Though lonely lovers will always yearn

[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Detha ritou jaeneb Ainaen
Esswr xoujaen hemaldath
Lem shawretou d'elaewr enon
Valaewrth ritanwr lordath

(Light shines again
in the House of Ainaen
Forever is a long time
Better to be cautious)

>> Serendipity

Years went by and Angels sighed
Young girls laughed and old men died
Lovers loved and people tried
To live amongst the shadows

Sunlight chased away the waste
But couldn't take away the taste
Of all that, taken in the haste
Of hatred's bite and swallows

But love will bloom even in gloom
And serendipity visits soon
Two fated souls bound for doom
Whose time is all but borrowed:

Then the Sun came to the one
Who'd make him come all but undone
If not for her, He might have won
But lost in all that mattered

She cast his soul in liquid gold
But those who know would have it told
She, too, was touched by his soul
And hand in hand they wandered


[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Shaena lithou tou risewr
Parotin lalae amer
Syrius oudeti ere
Kin Oriana vaetou

(All that's forbidden
becomes a love song
Syrius about to fall
And Oriana waits)

The made love and all was said
Forever they would share a bed
But little did they know that dread
Was creeping up behind them

Days grow long and silence spawns
The eagerness to right all wrongs
And even though the darkness dawns
Brighter days will follow


[Ainae Angel:]
Jewriaen amer
Yaetaen nouwr d'it amer

(Feel the love
Hold fast to the love)

>> Silver Maiden

The streets were never more grateful
To be walked upon until she was born
And when she's finished bathing
How her absence water mourns
The sky would blush in the setting sun
underneath her lovely gaze
and that her eyes should come to rest
upon the moon, it stays

[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Aurel Sorna trael
Shalae d'emteld aesrony daelan
Aurel Sorna

(The Silver Maiden walks
forever will her beauty shine
The Silver Maiden)

Oria Allyahan, her name the heavens sing
And to her all the wonders it can bear
The world will bring
Fair Silver Maiden of Aindahaj,
May you remain so pure
For joy itself was never so bright as you,
You may be sure

In the Eve of Evermore she walks
The Silver Maiden
Her beauty and her innocence
Perfume the air like sweet incense
In the Eve of Evermore she walks
The Silver Maiden

Oria Allyahan, her name rings out renown
And every soul is certain
She is destined for the crown
The sons of King Taetius
Have long held her in praise
And one will surely win her hand
To rule throughout the days


>> Son Of Sorvahr

[Krakhon Choir:]
Syrius! [3x]

All behold- my masterpiece shines
He'll take control and blur all the lines

All bow down - he plan is complete
He'll wear the crown and taste of the sweet
Our wondrous dawning is nigh
Now sing out his song to the sky!

Praise unto the Child of Darkness
Soon the Hand will strike out again
Praise unto the Son of Sorvahr
Destiny's spoken
We'll ride out to rule again

[Krakhon Choir:]
Syrius! [3x]

Hear me now, his name rings out proud
And Syrius will shake all the ground

Reign supreme, will our little Master
Lead the team to crush all the bastards
Our wondrous dawning is nigh
Now sing out his song to the sky!


All behold- my masterpiece shines!