Albert One
> Seçme Parçalar
>> Turbo Diesel

Turbo Diesel... Turbo Diesel...

Bugatti - I saw you in a dream,
Volvo - You´re running hot like steam,
Subaru - You start off like an arrow,
Volkswagen - You never gave me sorrow...

Sitting at the wheel,
My tires burn to squeal,
I know that I will soon be,
A hero in the Grand Prix...

Saturday night - I win at Le Mans,
Risking my life - I wave to my fans,
Morning collides - Champagne on ice,
Now I´m a star - Driving my car...

Ferrari - the fastest on the street,
Rover - you are my everything,
Bentley - A coffin for a king,
Mercedes - So classic and so chic...

I drive without emotion,
I calculate each curve,
I know that I will soon,
A hero in the Grand Prix...

>> Hopes And Dreams

If I could only speak to you,
Like I did it before,
Why did it all have to change,
I know nothing no more,
(Living on hopes and dreams)...

I get all my promises,
I kept you deep in my heart,
But now you won,
You have won my feelings,
My hopes and dreams,
Left without a meaning,
I am lost and blind,
With no change of mind,
What is there left to do...

If I knew that you were mine,
I´d keep a lock on my heart,
I keep you warm with my delight,
I´d know, we´d never part...

Hopes and dreams,
(They died without your love),
They let my heart on fire,
Hopes and dreams,
Were build upon secrets,
Now I´m waiting now,
For your love...

Are flowing with the wind,
Like a turbo going stronger,
Hopes and dreams,
Were build upon secrets,
Now I´m waiting now,
For your love...

>> Heart On Fire

It's easy to laugh at my desire
(To laugh at my desire)
Too easy to catch my heart on fire
(Fire, fire, fire)...

When you're looking so divine
My heart's in motion
When you slip your hand in mine
I'm in commotion...

Just how I lost my head for you again
I'm not sure, I could tell you
But now you've got me down your road again
I've lost all track of time...

When you're near I'm on my knees
In blind devotion
When you're gone I don't know where
I've got this notion...

And now I'm feeling like a fool again
I'm drowning in desire
I know you're laughing at the state I'm in
You know it drives me wild...