Alien Intelect
> Asylum
>> All Alone

love is like a bullet
straight throught the heart it goes
no one knows how to stop it
never goes the way you want it
so i understand
what i didn`t understand before
so i realise
what i didn`t realise before

i know, i know everything has gone
i know, i know it won`t be the same
i know, i know everyone has gone
i know, i know that i`m all alone
where did you go? you left me waiting
where did you go? i`m suffocating
where did you go? now i`m all alone


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you left me waiting
you left me all alone

>> Asylum

"head`s too loud, music`s throbbing"
"painkillers just aren`t working"
he`s on a one-way road
but he don`t know where it goes

he`s taken all his chances
but everything`s gone wrong
he doesn`t want the pain
you know he`s going insane

stuck in rut, trying to escape
he`s lost his mind, its too late
there`s one way out - his only fate
he`s leaving the world, cos it`s not so great

>> Superhero Thing


It`s a superhero thing
Never lose they always win
It`s a superhero thing
No matter what jam they`re in

The x-men and all their friends
Always doing good, always making a mends
They always defeat they`re enemies
No matter how strong or clever they seem


Spiderman and all his webs
Wonderwoman and her perfect legs
The incredible hulk he`s massive and green
Pretty scary but not so mean


Spiderman is back again
Beating up all the bad, bad men
The fantastic 4 with the stretchy man,
Invisible woman and the other dude