Ana Johnson
> The Way I Am
>> Don't Cry For Pain

Hey, man, here's my plan,
I'm gonna break it.
Hey, you, don't be sad,
Here's your chance so take it.

If you slap my face,
If you don't go,
Honestly, I don't care at all.

Maybe I'm a bit complicated,
All I know is
I don't cry for pain,
Don't cry from fear,
You know that.
I don't cry in the rain,
No, not a tear,
You know that.
Before you leave,
When you go,
I think you oughtta know,
don't cry for pain
I cry for love

Hey now dry them tears
You know we'd never make it
coz you caught my eye; not my heart
play it safe, no i'm not that smart

never meant to be this complicated,
All I know is