Angie Stone
> Stone Love
>> Remy Red

1- - Sippin'on Remy Red (Remy red)
Rememberin' what you said
As I recall, you were ready
Down for whatever wit me

Sippin'on Remy Red (Remy red)
Rememberin' what you said
As I recall, you were ready
Down for whatever wit me

There you are a superstar
The flyest guy at the bar
I had to get to know you
Had just one shot to show you

With a glance suddenly
We made eye contact then we
Made our way across the room
Leading up, never too soon (You say)

[Jon] Can I buy you a drink, girl?
[Angie] Yes, you can
[Jon] I'm single, do you have a man?
I got two left feet, would you like to dance
[Angie] Shit, it ain't that deep, I'll take a chance

Tekrar 1

Take a walk, to the back
Cuz the joint was getting packed
Found a spot I could kiss you
And romantically embrace you

Trying hard to be cool
Cuz I'm really feeling you
Slow down, take your time
Cuz this thing is still brand new, oh

[Jon] Can I buy you a drink, girl?
[Angie] Yes, you can
[Jon] I'm single, do you have a man?
I got two left feet, would you like to dance
[Angie] Shit, it ain't that deep, I'll take a chance

Tekrar 1

Now that we know each other a little better
Think this thing we got can go a little further
I can foresee a possibility of you and me, oh oh
Yeah, yeah baby

Tekrar 1

>> That Kind Of Love

Girls of the world, I'm pretty sure
That you're feeling like I'm feeling this evening
You know, sometimes you always feel like it's something better
Something that can make you laugh better
Something that can make you feel better
Um hmm, oh I know all about that
Tell 'em what you want, Angie

The kind that'll make you curl your toes
The kind that already knows
Your spots and how to hit 'em
That's the kind that I'm missing

The kind that will have you over the stove
At 2 a.m. in your robe
Cooking a late night snack
But you don't mind cuz you got that kind of love

1 - I want a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Thursday, Friday, Saturday love
Winter, spring, summer, fall
Do it all, kind of love

Twenty four, three hundred sixty five
Make you cry, love
I wanna rich, poor, sickness, health
'Till death do us part
I want that kind of love

It'd be the kind of habit you don't wanna break
And aggravation you don't mind takin'
An argument or two, well and that's ok cuz
(Cuz it really don't matter what he's sayin')
Cuz it goes in one ear and out the other
You gon' make up anyway under the covers
(See, you don't really want much)
But you know, but you know, but you know 'bout that, cha'll

>> Cindrella Ballin

1 - I feel like Cinderella, got me hopin', wishin'
Ballin', ballin', ballin'
Feelin' kinda mellow, my Prince Charming
Calling, calling, calling

Feel like Cinderella
You lucky, lucky fella
Falling, falling, falling for you

Heaven must be missing an angel, for sure
Cuz I haven't felt for a long time, this beautiful
Someone who is my fall, my spring, my summer and my winter
My all and only one
My heart and very center

You get me head over heels for you
Clouds of rain and the sun
Water, stars and moon
A zillion grains of sand
A timeless love in bloom

Tick-tock, twelve o'clock
Watch yourself, babe I got your love on lock
Click my heels three times
You're the only thing on my mind

Happy to be a holiday
Here's our season to celebrate
We can get down any time, any place, on any given day

You got me, boy you know you got me
Unspeakable joy (Unspeakable joy)
Is what you bring to me (You bring to me, oh)
I can't get enough
(Seems like I can't get enough, can't have enough, oh oh)
Showin' me how to dream again (Showin' me how to dream again)
Now I believe (I believe)
I believe in love (In, in love)

>> You're Gonna Get It

I've been watching you very closely
And mostly you stick to yourself
You and nobody else
I'm diggin your style
Never spot you with too many women
Acting foolish and giggling
Basically what I'm sayin' is I'm feeling you yeah yeah

1 - Tell me what to do
Just to be with you
Whatever it is
You're gonna get it, ooh

Tell me what to do
Just to be with you
Whatever it is
You're gonna get it, oh

Do I gotta changed my style just a little or a lot
Let me know so I can get it right
Cuz whether it's my hair, the clothes I wear
I don't care I'm gonna do anything I have to

Tekrar 1 x2

If you wanted me to
I would do anything that you could ask me to
And I would do anything to keep you happy, yes I would
All you have to do is tell me

Tekrar 1 x2

Oooh baby, baby
I'm on a midnight train
What I'm feelin' is sexual feelings

Whatever it is, whatever it is
You're gonna get it

>> Come Home

Long time no see
It's been a while since you were here with me
Went away so suddenly
Must have been five years at least

Now, you should know
Some things changed while you were gone
Had your baby, your only son
I just didn't tell no one

1 - Come and live with me
And maybe we can raise a family
With all the love you give to me
Why don't you come home

Now I know this is a shock to you
You're probably questionin' if it's true
But you can take the test to prove
what you and I both know is true

You should know
The day before they took you away
Results from that test I took that day
Don't deny your beautiful fate, so

You see it really doesn't matter
where you've been or how long
In my heart you left a vacancy
Why don't you come home
A promise is a promise
You know what you said
Come hell or high water
You are waitin' there

Live with me (Baby, baby, baby, baby)
Family (You'll be my family, ooh)
Give to me (I give you all the love you need baby, baby)

Come on home, hmmm

>> Stay For A While

If you would just stay for a while
Sugar, we could find something to get into
Baby boy, it's all you
If we could just lay for a while
Let me ease your mind
Help you to unwind
Spend a little quality time

Girl I know it's getting difficult to sleep at night
I'm goin' to work, there's no one there right by your side
I called you up to say I'm coming home in a few days
And I would like it if we could just lay and play for a while

Oh, oh I'm missing you so much
I'm making plans for me and you
We gon' unplug the phone, soon as you get home
Did I hear you say you're coming home in a few days
Baby I can't wait, I anticipate

Whoa oh oh, I don't know about you
(Said I don't know about you)
I'm in the mood
And I can hardly wait to love you over and over
(I can't wait) and over again
I'm keepin' my faith (No no no no)
Yes, I got a jones, don't wanna be alone
Come (I don't wanna be alone) over
Oh oh, I'm missing you (See you, oh)

>> Lover's Ghetto

Through the thirty years and all the years between
You never turned on me
And it opened my eyes to see
That you were the one for me
And the value in you is beyond what money can buy
Your kiss is so ing my heart is never dry

1 - Even though it's still a game of struggle
Life is so beautiful
Heaven in the ghetto
I can never let you go
Blue days and dark nights
You'll always be a part of my life
We're inseparable, love overflows

2 - All I see is you in the sky, on my mind
Whispers in the night
Your sweet tone
In your arms is where I call home

I remember when we had no furniture, just a color TV
And a cocktail, some pillows and we're both so happy
And we stuck it out
To get us now more than what we had
But change ain't much, things could be worse
Thank God it can't be better

Tekrar 1
Tekrar 2

Always, no matter what, you are my baby
I'll never give you up, I'm still your lady
I know we'll make it through
I'll be here by your side
Baby, I'm here for you
My arms are open wide

>> My Man

My morning night and noon
My very I'll be back soon
My star up in the sky
My I just call to say hi

My world you want to eat now
My baby come rub my feet
My girls, you understand
I'm talking about my man, who

1 - Takes me higher, loves me better
Holds me closer, my man
I'm talking 'bout my man

Rocks me gently, kiss me plenty
Holds me closer, my man
I'm talking 'bout my man

He puts a smile on my face
He knows everything that I like
He got me open
I love him, I need him believe in, trust in his heart

My intelligent thug
My necessary hug
My I apologize
My I'm sorry, you was right

My I'm gonna give you more
My what you want from the store
My girls, you understand
I'm talking 'bout my man

[Floetry] I'm representin' cuz with themin' is where I belong
I'm implementin' cuz he motivates and make me zone
[Angie] Leave me oh, picture that cha'll
[Angie] Let's keep it real and matter fact cha'll
[Floetry] Before you think about *ish
Don't you give me wrong
It's all about the love, the love we be about is strong
[Both] Test me, oh never doubt cha'll
Cuz it's a feel good man that I got, cha'll

He lets me be myself
Makes me feel good inside
I can't fight what it is
I want to have his kiss
Tell him I lovin' him only, my only love

You know he has my heart
He is my shinning star
My girls, they understand
I'm talking about my man

Through and through (He's the truth)
He cares about me (Knows what to do)
Kisses (Kiss him), his love is (Blissfull)
He's sincerely mine (I'll give him)
What he needs (When he needs me)
I'm believing (I'm so grateful)
That I got him, (That he got me)
And I know he loves me

>> Stone Love

Stone love, ooh ooh ooh
Stone love, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ooh ooh ooh
Stone love, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ooh ooh ooh
Stone love, oh yeah
I tell ya, I ain't got no other