Angine Martinez
> Animal House
>> Animal House

Welcome to "Animal House"
The animals are in the building
It's a new day

Angela... Better known as
(We are animals... Animal House... wut we are... animals)
Uh yeah uh yeah uh uh uh yeah uh uh

All I could do is give you me if you choose to believe it's on you
I live in peace I could sleep but I don't choose I'ma animal the promos, the station, the
movies rap Rebecca Lobo
I run elbows with people you couldn't a "Hello" from with a mask and a gun you don't gotta ask
how come or where I'm at
I work! I wanna make that clear to cats nuttin's free and no you can't run to me, I'm ten years
deep you to young for me
You could sleep while I drop album #3 and
Yeah you could hate but somebody lovein me evidently #1 at 3 with videos on MTV
You could learn from me then it's back to the streets
can't be serious
(Haha that isn't funny)
album still sold can't be curious

Animals that's how it is that's how we are
Walk with our heads up high cuz we
Animals-straight beasts 18 hours a day work no sleep
We are animals that's how it is that's what we are we are animals
Walk with our heads up high cuz we animals- straight beasts
18 hours a day work no sleep

You ain't know em like the highway patrol I stay on a roll like Joe Smooth on your back I got
creative control
A vocal coach shows singas how to flow when our engineers songs we verb highs and lows if the
shyt ain't clear
This year I hope you chose to retire or expire cuz what I propose is a resonation
Cuz the animals is aqua now and all your deticated fans is rolling with me now
I gotta lock to the 5 0 1 n 3 now you gotta watch you can rhyme doin them free styles
I rather not just do it I make records and write sixteen bars in 500 seconds
It’s Sacario AKA Mr. Guntalo BDS news track my spins is a problem so BMI throw me parties my
publicin is lots a dough we animals get me and “ang” espacio

Look I’ma professional (ima professional) I’m not stressing you I do what’s best for me you do
what’s beast for you (best for you)
I’m not concerned with the bullshyt never was (never was) I’m wouldn’t check that respect that
I meant cuz bloods, kings, nietas, and zulus (zulus) all over this world most who do you
I put in work interviews, shows, promos, rehearseals, reverse moves, (all a that) shows back to
No time for self, (none nigga) drive through diner no time for my health (i'm dyin'… hehe)
I wonder how I’m serviving my self (angie OG baby got the title in belt
Queen (quueeeeeeeeeeeeeeen) of hip-hop radio through the many years blood sweatin tears
(be clear) happy to be here on the sequel I’m still working’
I know you got hate in your blood it’s still hurtin’

>> A New Day

Yo, uh
The animals are here
It's a new day...yo yo uh

It's about being close to the ground
like dope fiends and not even fallin'
Some people frontin' now they keep callin'
But that's life, ain't no grudge in my heart
I could sleep mornings, that's the business
I just keep that shit apart, that's the wisdom

In my position get hard, I deal wit people from far
Very few I keep close, that's how you keep from the scars
You gotta move like a ghost, cause some people are stars
And all of a sudden.. they forgot who they are

But look at me I'm still Angie, back wit a plan B
It's a new day you could sit down or stand me
I just try to be an example, bringin' the animal out
When everybody doubting underhand me
Its ample time, If you could not see the big picture
Cause there's plenty ladies like me I'm a big sista
Always on the grind through whatever you say
And just incase you ain't clear its okay
It's a new day!

If you need it to be, (uh) Then it can be (yea)
It happen for me, It's a new day (a new day)

Keep hoping, Keep focus
Approaching, up, A new day

Reaction to my first verse in a year it was clearly unexpected
Me on a record, We must yea agree it was hectic
Getting here half sleep and eating breakfast in my chair
How I feel, it's a new day now, that's for real
I was prepared to deal wit, whatever was given
People dissecting what I'm spitting on, not giving me a chance
Listen and understand, they ain't know how to react
off my 16 bars on that track, "She out or she back Damn"
Then came a record ("If I could go")
I'm not saying my shits perfected
But if I could go's the beginning accept it, connected
You already know, yes is an automatic question
Automatically answered cause I'm flowing like you never heard
Why second one it can't be said in words
Except it had to be done, in other words I'm leaving on top
You mad at me huh, believe it won't stop
The love it's much stronger you can not break my hunger

See they love for you to give up, can't wait for you to slip up
As soon as you hit rock bottom, they never picking you up
Or never picking you out, they always out when you pick
But when your outfits is sick, or you got a hit
Then every other word is, "No Doubt,
When can we go out, When can we grab lunch," I only get mad once
Cause when you get mad twice you sacrifice then a punch
And then a situation jumps so I grab a blunt
Roll it and spark it cause you media targets
Pictures is blatant ya know what I'm saying
This ain't ancient this is today shit
but it's a new day shit no games get played shit
No time get wasted, I learn from the worst situations ("yep")
And I made it, everything I had in my heart I pushed and gave it
So when I say it's a new day I mean it
Cause when it's the truth you must agree shit!

we on our way
animal house

>> If I Could Go

[Lil' Mo] Yeaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!
[Angie M] Oh yeah yeah
{Lil' Mo] Yeaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!
[Angie M] Uh, woo! come on, uh
[Lil' Mo] If I can go, with you
[Angie M] Yo, yo, uh

Angie Martinez]
If I can chose a place to go it gotta be far away
From here we could crossover like Hardaway
Somewhere outside the states where tommorow's like today
And I'm out in a space where nobody else can stay
And, if I can go, with you
Then I'll go get the ticket right now if that's cool
Have you ever been close to feelin like leavin the coast too
Feelin like leavin with somebody who
Hold you the right way while watchin the night fade
Make you feel like you right back in the ninth grade
When you know what he likes and what he might say
And you try to be calm and answer in nice ways
And, if I can go, with you
Way out the states no 2 ways and no page
No cells and no trace, and you just a phone call away
So all I got to say is

Lil' Mo]
If I can go, contigo, I'll pack my things, soon as you say
Baby vamos, we'll fly away, like there is no, no tomorrow
If can go, contigo, I'll tell my friends, nothing at all
I'll get my things, soon as you say, baby vamos, we'll fly away

And, if I can go, with you
Oh boy we 'bout to make a lot of people annoyed
And cry you better know I know how to sneak with them toys
And boy with the block since around 94 boy
And, if I can flow, with you
Huggin Tato after the studio I roll with you
I send Dutch and three other goons to go get you
Sacario the name hold weights the whole issue
Grown men keep on cryin get mo' tissue
The way me and this girl be rhymin it's so official
Them I'm takin a trip too with no pistols
Cause everything peace only sand no streets
Little Miami Heat that's the plan we'll see
Two cups, one in Senado one in Sand Beach
And, I'll think I'll go, with you
So tell the station you need a week back to you

Lil' Mo]
If I can go, contigo, I'll pack my things, soon as you say
Baby vamos, we'll fly away, like there is no, no tomorrow
If can go, contigo, I'll tell my friends, nothing at all
I'll get my things, soon as you say, baby vamos, we'll fly away

Lil' Mo]
You can fly away, no one has to know
Will you take me with you, cause if I can go
Soon as you say the word, we'll be on our way
To a foreign place, you got to tell me

[Angie Martinez]
Yo, uh, so now that we got a plan are you comin? We could plan a week
The only question now is LaGuardia or Kennedy?

And a seat, know why? the window cause I like to see
And seein as to how I'm so fly me and the clouds can speak

And, since we 'bout to go, in a few

Go 'head

[Angie Martinez]
Oh, I just wanted to tell Trace thank you
That week off I'm grateful what was you tryin to say boo?

Nuttin just grab my chain off the table and 2 way too

[Angie Martinez]
Ok, that little place it's a great move
But ain't no problems, unless the water don't stay blue

And the shop's there?

[Angie Martinez]
If they don't got em, they don't make em

([Sacario:] True!)
No concrete just sand, throw away your shoes
Now, that we are on, our way
And our bags is packed and the car service is not late
Everything's ok, so I guess I catch you on the next track
Now I don't gotta ask

>> Never

yo every time i turn around they say
how i deal with that weak shit
i told yall of the stages i cant agree wit
we showed yall, promoted yall
on how to freak shit ...
but here's a little secret...uh uh
we still number one
blazin hip hop and r&b quick
cuz its simple and plain
how can u sit and complain quick
when we payed the way for u to
get in the game chicks
nigga's wuteva...its
only the real that they recognize by the real
and since u dont recognize
u know the deal
How i feel? I dont
no emotionz get showed
if anything i feel violated being
that we been cloned
reporterz quit, i dont get caught up in the mix
10 years deep, i wuz brought up in this shit
OG , big truck series, the carz is gone
any questions? ill be directing ur commentz
to alkatron...sing that shit

a primitive mind is all i
all i eva had
and u will neva break me
til the day i die

My reputation and my name is superb
now add that with animal house
and a flow thats like rain down a curb
Cuz I , write a verse and I change a few
words , edit and perfected it ..
and and...
Im still on the air
about the dough
be clear , u gotta go
each year we lock and load
beware im outta control
animal mode will let u know not to hand me no goal
everything i write hot like mah hand on a stove
the ----- know bullshit dont effect me
like a die hard knicks fan
so na mas if's and's
I could show u how power shit get ran
and I cant get budged
cuz when ur best friend is the jury
bottom line is u cant get judged and
that last line when ova ya head so
u'll prolly neva know til ur dead eitha way
wut i said iz real , sing

a primitive mind is all i
all i eva had
and u will neva break me
til the day i die

uh yo uh..
and im not bein cocky
cuz i work mah way up
and even tho it hurt
neva gave up
went from handin out fliers
to number one major..
i dont ----------------------
im about dollaz, hold ur 2 centz saved up
dropped mah first album
neva rocc in mah life
did everything on mah own
wrote the songs, hit the mic
get the beats all nice
stayed up got it right
minimal help, felt alone
now u got a problem right ?
cuz its animal house , the team iz here
its a new day with me this year
be clear , im focused
best coaches , way too many peeps
pro to machines and way to much heat
still grounded neva been way up in the sky
workaholic still spend days inside
angie u could neva break me , i move wise
and thats til the day I die , oh my god

a primitive mind, is all i
all i eva had
and u will neva break me
til the day i die

>> Take You Home

I got a call from my girls around eight about that Friday spot
Round 12 hit the highway stop, I need gas
Car behind me on my ass, speed pass
Turn the radio on that's my joint got me and I need to dance
Pull up in the truck and it ain't my man's
You screaming "hey yo", you don't got a chance
Son, you are speaking a language I don't understand
Know the dude I hang with, I don't hold his hand
Cause, me, I'm free to choose
It's possible to leave with you
When we get through, I drive passenger seat for you
Let's ride
At one I arrive
Walked past the line
Damn his ass is fine
Some guy now we up in the spot
Place hot
Couple of bottles champagne popped
And that's how we doing it now
I'm scheming while the DJ's moving the crowd

I was wondering if I could take you home
Would ya still love me baby, if I could take you home
I was wondering if I could take you home
Would ya still love me baby, if I could take you home

It's around 2 A.M.
The mood is trend
The club is snug
I see him watching, love is love
Caught him when I looked up, gave him a glance
Promotion chick walked over while I'm shaking her hand
I'm looking over her
Sorry but I'm waiting for this man
Is what I told her, so she could leave
No breaking up my plans
No time for talking about shows
Or dates that I could host
Damn, he walking over to me, they breaking out the jokes
My girls laughing
They see me already imagining
He whispered in my ear, would I dance with him
I answered him
He took my hand with him
Dancing close
I turned around and gave him my back, he passed a smoke
He put his hand on my hip, then my stomach
He must want it
And I was really just 'bout to leave, his clique fronted
Like they don't see
That they man 'bout to tell 'em peace
And to think, I wasn't even gonna go out..see?

All I need is my lip gloss, I.D., gum, and I'm straight
Especially if it's Envy in bungalow eight
We making it hot on the dance floor today
But my girls wanna leave cause there's nothing to take
Nothing to meet
Spot dead, nothing to see
Then we all agree that we won't leave
Cause some spots the papi's still come at three
That's when I tell the DJ to run that please
He dancing behind me
I feel what's under his jeans
And I had one too many so I'm under his scheme
I mean I'm cool and the gang
The music is playing
Think I found what I'm looking for, no purpose in waiting
Almost time for breakfast
Standing by the coat checkers
Looking for my parking lot ticket...that's it
And this night just ended
Can't say with who, what, or where but it'll definitely be remembered

>> We Can Get It On

They call me "Digalo" Angie
Rippin' the arenas in Miami
Slippers in the sand beach, c'mon dance with me
Or the chulos in white tees (yea)
You ain't peeped the Billboard on Jimmy's
Then I guess you cannot see
You wanna party wit me, da-to
Only big dogs invited, no gatos
Quite though, what's with all the questions, whoa
Why you asking? I'm all in wit my friends embarrassing
Be easy, you wanna get up close and personal?
Cop the CD, if not leave me
I'm bout to bag somethin', why you blocking?
Cause your man in Timbs is home watchin'?
I'm a pro, mangu on the stove
Chancletas and a robe, my crew at the show
Big Pun in my heart, esperate how it go? it go
It go esperate, hold on, legs so strong
We can do it, we can do it, we can get it on
You know what's "papichu", and playing "capicu"
And tell them chicks that they can all come around too

Andre mia amor, I would love to date you
Soon as I come off tour
I like papis from Cuba, Colombia, Bermuda, Peru or Ecuador
We got Google Page Ranking, DR, Mexico, Panama
Guatama' pa's wit flags in their cars
This is for the Jose's, Juan's, Claudio's
Broadway, LES, en el bario
Bronx, Fernando's, only trabajando
On the calle, watchin' for bandos
These - Orlando, Victor's, Tony's
Who pick up and hold me, put away your Rolly
I like 'em low key, oh you blow trees?
I got half an o-z you shoulda' told me
I get the groceries and 'Pac's CD
Now everybody sing my part with me, c'mon

Hard level to the quarters at the fight screaming "Ti-to!"
Or at the table all night, more heat though
Whachu know about the Chimmy-Cherry?
And don't forget, I need a cab para tu me le tumbe le
Come down - BK, uptown - NY to LA
Everything's still "Suavemente"
Para mi jente, after the show
Everybody get your freak on (sawago-sawago)
All my eses, Etey
This is the casa con anamo anamo
You know what's that? Angie the Old G
I can be a girl, and be your "Cold D"
And we can go eat, see, I'm a keeper
All I ask is for me to see you in wife beaters
And in them nice sneakers
He like me? I don't doubt him
Word? You got feelings for me? then cop two albums!

Esperate, hold on, legs so strong
We can do it, we can do it, we can get it on!
We can do it, we can do it, we can get it on!

>> What's That Sound

What's that sound?
If you outside the club, and your joint c'mon
You just pop the truck
Pull the car up and the line is packed, and you far
You tired a' waiting, you better be catch a charge like
"Move bitch, get out the way", flash the bouncer to get out a payin'
And that sound make you wanna get on stage
Oh, you gotta' "move dem thangs"
Beat change, it's a Cool-a-Dre thing
That'll move your thang thang, remove your ring change the sound
Get your jewels all sweated up, the booze is deaded up
Anything goes bring it back, if you just catchin' up
The sound coming outta' the club - that's wassup!
And they let you up, finally, dancing it up
Movin' aroung, DJ Keith - I need that sound (da-mn)

That new shit, that hot shit
Make you move shit - what's that sound?
That move crowds, that new sound
Make you can kick down - who's that chick?
That's Angie, them bambi's
Screamin' Angie - what's that sound?
[Missy:] And this Missy gettin' tipsy off the wiskey

2002 be sceered, cause I'm runnin' this shit this year
Haters 'n haters you better be clear
Or you'll be kissin' my pussy on the rear
What I'm talking 'bout, with my filthy mouth, from the Dirty South
Is a drug-drop, c'mon check me out
Ain't nobody does it easy-seezy
And ain't nobody got the dick to sling me (owwww!)
God damn, what's that sound?
Didn't I tell you I'm about to shake it down
I'm no punk, but a killa like Cam
Get on the flo', yes yes mam
When I show up the club get cram
Insecure bitch watch yo man!
Me and Ang like butter on toast
I don't mean to boast, but we do
[Angie:] I need that - yea

Hello-oh? oh that's my ears ringing
I'm sitting here thinking that sound is still bangin'
As we leavin' the spot I'm still drinking
Gotta' leave cause the cops are still waiting
So we circle the block, as we workin' to blot
Then purposely watch - we so blingin'
And the truck is bright, light up the night
Blinking, as we stuck in the chair feel like we sinking
That sound still drowned the air waves
The echo in my head feel like a bear cave
So I sit back to the sound of this track
Playin' on my way home - I can't forget that
That beat when you hear from the street
Make you wanna get on the floor and don't even speak
Cause it don't even matter who be around
Get.. and that's DJ Keith - playin' that sound (I need that)

>> Fucked Up Situation

I wish you understood how I feel
Cause these words is real
After that bullshit
I could'nt perfer to chill
But tell you what you deserve to get
But I still sat back and heard your shit
You said chill it was the shit
But come on I deserve to be mad
That whole situation was bad
I wish there was one of those moments in it
I could break and just laugh
But it was too serious to take what I had
I mean what I had was deep
Its still deep but damn
Its sad to see how one weekend could be like damn
One situation
See I can
In this type of relation
Hes my man
Or, hes my nigga
Or, hes my ...
Try to understand
Please pa, honest is the plan
And I don't mean
Please pa, beggin with my hands
I mean like
Please pa, got feelings, damn

See, I know what you're facing
This fucked up situation
And maybe she might like me
Or may even dislike me

Cause baby you're a part of me
And baby its just hard to see
That you complained everyday
But you would love me anyway

>> Waitin' On

Now everybody just bounce bounce
When we climb up outta' that truck
And you standin' out in that line
And we walk straight in - nigga that's wassup
Straight to the V-I, where they got them bottles ready
My name good cause we kinda' heavy
Walk in with the hood and the cars steady talkin'
Wish I could, but our time is very important
You should find your mind already
Cause I got hot shit, hooks kinda' catchy
I spit so quicks no time to catch me, nah-uh don't stress me
Cause we, just came to make ya bounce
"Tear da club up" and clear it out
Thugs in the club: beef just air it out
Now everybody just bounce bounce
Now everybody just bounce bounce
Every time we jump on that stage
From page 1 through to 8
In the hallways or through the day
You know our name good, kinda' thick
Woke up in the spot with the shiny whips
Keep talkin' a lot - bring out the grimey chicks
Incase you forgot how the grimey get
Niggas surround this shit, let me remind you chick
How one hit can leave you all blind and shit
Have to send your little friends to come find your shit
But right now there's really no time to flip
Just bounce, get twisted, get ripped no doubt, that's
what I'm talkin' about
'Till ya whole crew, they walkin' ya out
Swear ya'll never drink again, sure no doubt

>> Live Big (yeniden Düzenleme)

[Angie Martinez] Oh!

I don't think y'all ready [Angie Martinez Laughing]
It's what the world's been waitin for, live big, car keys the remix
I go by the name of Sacario

[Fat Joe] Yeah!
[Sacario] Angela, Joey Crack
[Fat Joe] Pick the music up man
[Angie M] Let's do it
[Sacario] We 'gon keep doin this
[Fat Joe] Gangsta

Yo! We leak heat on the streets, still they doubted it
When I could easily eat any emcee who think he 'bout it
Flows sickenin, either your under a rock
Or ya mothafuckers is just not listenin
And I don't me to sound hard or calice
But if you keep sleepin on Joe it just could result to violence
A couple of shots a clear the place
Brrrrraaaappppp! Cocksuckers we here to stay
It's the cook coke man, one 'mo gain
How the fuck you gettin dough when you look broke man?
It's the mink coat man, cost me nothin
See me jumpin in the pool with it just for frontin
And the chicks love the fat guy, I wish it's cause of the dick
But I bet it's cause of the chips and the fast life
Me and Ange livin big forever
Think a click fuckin with this man whatever

Live big all my shorties you know who you is
Spend that dough, you don't need a nigga that trip
And everybody with car keys only big car keys
Pull out your car keys everybody please
Live big all my shorties you know who you is
Spend that though, even on a remix chick
And everybody with car keys only big car keys
Pull out your car keys everybody please
Oh! It's just me the O.G.
And since this live big let's start with B.I.G.
And rep it for Big Pun and do it for Big L
And since I got a big truck you know I live well
On the remix, other stations I can't agree with
I been here for ten years ain't never leavin
It's been clear I went there so you could see shit
Let them fear we not scared it ain't a secret
Hope you prepared in the streets get ready
Cause we keep this steady, Animal House piece is heavy
Do more hotlines than hot nine
Keep your hand on your mouth cause we get very
Ugly out there, trust me out there
They love me out there, from Miami back to here
It's a new day I'm battin up, with homeruns
Sacario four album and I'm droppin this summer
Live big all my shorties you know who you is
Spend that dough, you don't need a nigga that trip
And everybody with car keys only big car keys
Pull out your car keys everybody please
Live big all my shorties you know who you is
Spend that though, even on a remix chick
And everybody with car keys only big car keys
Pull out your car keys everybody please

>> So Good

He was all I wanted, late night talkin,
on the phone till daylight often,
at home he came thru, dinner on the table,
plate bites lost him, the love was strong then,
we went for walks then, then I lost him,
I mean he's still her but I ignore him,
cuz hes too busy for me,
he comes around a few minutes then leave,
things aint the way they used to be,
then I met this guy right down the street,
and this is what he said to me

hello good lookin, tell me how are you,
every time i see you baby, lookin so
good,let me show you girl, i can be so good

I tryed to work things out, bring things back
arguments started, you dont know how to act,
coulda brought up the fact, that today i met this new dude,
and i dont need ta say it, he probly woulda thought i was playin,
and he probly woulda said stop playin,
but this bullshit I'm about to stop, takin,
cuz this new guy's about to drop, waitin,
i aint playin, he played him self,
need space need time, oh well, you can have all the space in the world, and
your man might have found a new girl

even though you dont know me, what can i do,
let me see you girl, one saturday afternoon,
let me show you girl, i can be so good

every girl need's affection, not somebody whos stressin,
hope he learned his lesson, cuz in one direction,
you cant see to the left and, you're stuck wit a dumb fuck,
who dont understand that one truck, dont matta to you,
no car crib either, just you and him in a two seata,
but they always find out when its too late,
tellin me to wait, no you wait,
wait till you see me in his arms,
and understand that I'm gone

hello good lookin, tell me how are you,
i see you girl, walkin that avenue,
let me show you girl, i can be so good