> Seçme Parçalar
>> I Miss It So Much

Before I was so lithe
Everyone could fool me
Boys made me loose my virginity
Friends manipulated me

One day I met a mysterious,
Nice man, half lynx
He became my lodestar
He made me independent
He made me to a man-of-war
He made me to poison
To nicotine
He made me to morphine

When I look into the mirror
I see a sad face who has
Done a big mistake
A person with a mask
I just got my memories
Every minute I think of all the Pain I went through
I miss it so much

Ihave a nasty feeling
I used to love the moonlight
Now I hate it so much
I want to need the oxygen
I miss feeling the pain
I want to take a pace backword
Turn back the time
I want to live again


If they just could get a picture
Just get a clue
The answer to my death
I could be a free soul in heaven
Not trapped on earth when
I Can't live

>> The Nap Song

Oh them naps so furious
and naps like that is serious
see you popin those naps like were's the comb
stupid ass girl you left it at home
you like to pop at hme and school
one hit me in the eye and that aint cool
girl please get a comb you need to stop
yo hair is living la vida loca

Won't you comb your naps
ilike it when your naps go pop pop pop
won't you make your naps go pop pop pop
girl don't you want to comb those na na na nap naps