Destruction Made Simple
> Terror Stricken Youth
>> The End

Let freedom sing from the bells that ring
Lets make a bomb attack
It will be a great comeback
lets make those bastards pay
on your daughters wedding day
Lets start a fire that is burning from the sky
Demolition going down at the skating rink
Lets tell world
make them think we care
lets fly our bombs high
and pray they fucking die
lets send them aid
and bring ours home with a parade
lets guard the world from
our warm and fuzzy home
Demolition going down at the skating rink
Bobby lost his fun
Cody not so bright
Bobby killed his wife
Cody is now infected

Lets start a revolution
We'll call it institution
Let's be the issue
And we'll write in our constitution
He'll be the resolution
The cure for the common person
Lets make him leader
He'll re-write our constitution

>> Immigrant

Now you're in an old mess you think I'm here to save you
Acted with your violence but you ended up in silence
You think you have it simple but your agent is at issue
Demons seem to call you out but now you run for cover
I'm not for you/I'm not for them
I'm here and I'm not from there
I'm not for them/I'm just me
I'm not for you just me
You got a brand new flavor but death's the one you favor
1,000 mile signal is just approaching very slowly
Now you start to feel like your heart is getting lonely
You're acting like confucius and you're calling me a nuisance.

>> Flight 17

Prepared my thoughts so they wouldn't seem so wrong
Why these buildings fall my opinion won't mean shit for long
I stayed in bed and I didn't go to work
As the hours grew I never even thought of you
Prepare for war
Get ready for damage
Embrace the carnage
'cause here comes some more
so freedom rings
can you hear it haunt from hell?
Your dreams are gone and you never got a clue
your wife is gone and you never said so long
with impressive acts and heroic pacts death will take its coarse
hate reactor, nuclear disaster, build me an army,
make their boots shiny, water shortage, steal their courage
greet them nicely, watch their base nightly

>> Destruction Made Simple

No such thing as best friends
The concrete non-ending
The will is believing eight hours a day
Trying to make ten easy schillings the day is so long
My life is so short
Eight hours a day where do you go?
How did we get here who would have known....
You gotta work to make a living
and the thieves of the world keep on stealing
you gotta work to make a living
and the record in my head keeps on spinning
all they will say is all in due time
i pray for the sign and hope it is simple
A thunder that rolls I stand here alone
I stand here alone in kansas rain!!!
Ten hour drive please stay alive
Where do we go? How should I know?

>> Machines

It's much easier to believe when you have it all
Everything I work for is taken by the law
Kids are Malnourished
Enough ammunition
Enough ambition for your war is at hand
Machine of Grace Machine of Glory
You have now written our brand new stories
Machine of Grace Machine of Glory
You have now made our new minority
Religions a cave for the believers
Stand with the brave
And answer the calling
Streets of tommorow are etched in sand
be not mistaken they will wash away
I hear an army marching in
I hear the knock of the world at my door
They want to take you
They want to break me
They want to watch us fall
Erase the past Destroy the present
Children that died
People that walked
I will not walk the line......
I will not live that lie *****
Fuck you and your grace
Fuck you and your glory
you have not written

>> Saint Jude

Tell me all the stories you dont want to tell our kids
tell me all the ghosts that haunt your walls at nightfall
if everythings okay then tell me why theres blood on my floor
Its the pain of pride at your knees you bastard
Everythings a mess and you have failed the test
Everythings a mess now you die like the rest (the best)
tell me all the people you now wish to kill
maybe in the future your headache will moisten
if you want to live or you want to die is your own choice
the world is a sacred place put away your demons
in a speech that once read we were thought to be dead
at a house that was once there that's where we fled
in the past we left one behind
oh my god i have one left one
frustrated youth is lost ignorance is kissed
A friendship torn in two
Children burn in hell
Feed me death at dinner time
set me up a plate
i wont even attend I wont go
Scream! and it wont come out as i scream
and it wont escape with the steam
and you come out with the scream
it wont come out as i scream loud
children breed in blood
service men are severed corporation castrated
money's not forever
one by one they'll go
Bother me not you
just follow the flow
.....and for you my dear i will raise my fist
for my country dear i will slit my wrist
for the pain of pride i live in fear
for freedom i stole

>> Trouble And Chaos

I come from baldwin park and i am raising all this hell
I dont want to be the one part of your crowd
If you feel the need to blacklist my name
Then so be it I will hold no blame
What should I say? How should I act?
Who should I blame? How should I be?
If in the future machines will rule the earth
I dont want to be the one to stay out of the war
If you feel the need to just laugh at me
Then so be it ill put that smile on your face
Now its my turn to let you go alone
I'll be the reason you cannot sleep at night
If you feel the need to just call out my name
Dont worry about it ill be hinding in a dream

>> Medicine

Medicine not the only curse or is it what you want to give
Troubled times destroy sunshine causes toil on my soil
Freedom lost chaos caused
Will your soul remain forgiven
Children die people cry pity for the hypocrites
Rotten fruit is in the air when our mothers become despaired
Pennies for a bullet shell
When your smoke stacks choke my sun
I want you do you want me
I want to free you
believe me i hate you
you wanted to be me
I wanted to fuck you you want to fuck me
I wanted to be you
I'm your medicine
Your country failed your people bailed
Your laws are lost, "Nah fuck the cause"
Religions gone- a devil spawned
Your guns are (your) peace your hate is released
You want a revolution
You want me to execute any person
Medicine- Not what I'm giving
Renaissance- Not what I want

>> Blackbird Trail

Don't turn your back on me reasons i will not say
walls are surrounding me prisoners they make of you
Bathtub is rusted phone line corrupted
Iron bars like auschwitz cremate your conflict
Create identity make it insanity
I will not fight you gave your right
Bring me your heroes and ill make them zeroes
-They are now dead The rest have now fled-
bring me the best 'cause i was put to the test
-Your full of shit your king hypocrite-
salvation is not me walk down your own dark street
Keep stacking bricks while im building bridges
Im so sick of you glad i dont think of you
dancing devil a blacklisted rebel
create biography make the topic me
i cannot think the feather fresh out of ink
runaway just get away dont look back in time of pain
soon you realize that everything said fiction under warning signs
you turned your back on me reasons for your regret
your phone line has been cut door has remained shut
blood clot has thickened the doctor risen
create your innocence make it your penitence
i will not lie your plans have gone awry

>> Pavement

pavement rocks the silence
a rusty wheel sets our tempo people watch in silence
your little boys (are) in uniform tonight
-we dont need no fucking army!
-'cause go'd militia knows whats right
-we dont need no fucking party!
We dont need no god damn army
-we dont need no fucking army!
we dont need no stupid party
-We dont need no fucking party!
A new turn for the advancement
a downward view from a flight line
It's a good day for violence
when summer ends in silence
it's time to break the silence
It's time to end the silence, it's time

>> Dollars

Dollars signs in the air
Greed was in your blood
the moment came when the east reigned
and the west was won
companies come and gone
and the jobs have now fled
love and war is now ours
rivers have gone dead
we need brand new victims feeding from your system
we need brand new victims bleeding from their fleeing
from your system, when it comes crashing down
will you still be true when your dollar signs dont mean shit
and your kids are turning blue
dying of starvation so dehydrated they cant spit
what are you going to feed them when your dollars dont mean......
your calling me for favors and then you feeding off my labor
We need brand new victims which are feeding from your system
we need brand new victims bleeding from your system
politicians seem to know what is best for me
but when it comes crashing down well br drinking our own pee
born into rich families never worked a single day
but the truth is in the end someday they will pay