Elvis Costello
> When I Was Cruel
>> Dissolve

Sugar cube drop into a yellow cup
What makes the world just waking up
Who knows where on earth it`s going to stop?
I can`t hear you `cos we`re breaking up

And the stones in the track make work for the mechanic
The birds all fly from the branches in a panic
And a back-fire echoes down the hillside
As the last headline report dies

Ice is melting at the distant Pole
The gin and tonic glasses overflow
The precious little else that I could say
Yor stupid tears of laughter washed away

While the poisonous light pours from the picture palace
And it flickers on, tries so hard to be scandalous
A child keeps beating on a toy drum
And the tablets dropped on your tongue

"So salute me in moving frame"
"I might not be there when you look again"
The mourning border card behind the clock
The hour that he passed, unwound and stopped

>> 45

Bells are chiming for victory
There`s a page back in history
They came back to the world that they fought for
Didn`t turn out just like they thought

Here is a song to sing to do the measuring
What do you lose, what do you gain, what do you win?

Nine years later a child is born
There`s a record, so you put it on
Nine years more, if we`re lucky now
Nine-year-old puts his money down
Every scratch. every click, every heartbeat
Every breath that I held for you
There`s a stack of shellac and vinyl
Which is yours now and which is mine?
Bass and treble heal every hurt
There`s a rebel in a nylon shirt
But the words are a mystery, I`ve heard
`Til you turn it down to 33 and 1/3
`Cos it helps with the elocution
Corporations turn revolutions

So don`t just weep and shed
Just change your name instead
What do you lose when it all goes to your head?

I heard something peculiar said:
"Perhaps he`s got a shot and now he`s dead"

Bells are chiming and tears are falling
It creeps up on you without a warning
Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat
Every breath that I bless
I`d be lost, I confess

>> Spooky Girlfriend

I want a girl to make a mess
To do no wrong she must confess
And then perhaps hitch up her dress
`Cos when the flashbulbs explode
She`s such a sensitive soul...

I want a girl who is helpless and frail
Who won`t pull on my ponytail
I want a girl who has no past
She`s made up now
But that won`t last
`Cos when she sits on my knee
And then she whispers to me

"Can`t you see
I could be
I could be
Your spooky girlfriend"

The broken toys are all scattered in the attic
Newspapers play with the words of the fanatic
While the greeting cards are your most poetic lyric
And the flat champagne is sweet sugar syrup

I want to paint you with glitter and with dirt
Picture you wit innocence and hurt
The shutter closes
Exposes the shot
she says, "Are you looking up my skirt?"
When you say "No"
She says "Why not?"

I want a girl to turn my screw
To wind my watch, to buckle my shoe
And if she won`t her mother will do
But when she does as she`s told
We`ll all turn platinum and gold

But when she sits on my knee
I hear her whispers to me
"Can`t you see?
"I could be your spooky girlfriend"