> Lusitania
>> I Dread The Time When Your Mouth Begins To Call Me Hunter

I must confess that nothings changed for now.
While knives that line sweet conversations still find a way,
into our beds while we sleep.
Can't you see that there's an ocean that drawn a line,
between our bodies and our minds, we look for ghost,
and that's what we find.
Will we bury who we loved or is the ground,
to cold to break?
Well we slept our way through knowing what to do.

>> Silent Jury

I'm waking up because of smelling salts that I've been given.
Well that formula for caving in has now seceded,
from a courthouse filled with empty judges.
You've got a plan, you've got a blueprint,
you're plagarizing what you can not be.
It's not a plan, it's not a blueprint,
you're criticizing what you can not be.
A clientele of fools, continues to confuse our history,
with what we're waiting for, a silent jury.
So we can use our every means for progress...
We're set free and who we want to be

>> Mercer Island

you talk talk talk of how you're looking forward.
But it's not changing anything.
You don't see that where you were is where you are,
no matter what the situation you're waiting for.
Well, how are you now? Don't say that you're waiting,
for something to come and wake you up.

>> Slow To Standing

Forcing this to bend until breaking it apart.
Supposing this doesn't have to be anymore than thought.
For now it's not, and if I could just talk to you,
and not want to tell it all. Because it seems,
I've always known things change, they change.
Just give it time, so the only consolation is the feeling,
that I'm going on anyway. Where motions slow to standing.
I'm building to indifference and dulled inside.
Wait on saying all your thinking out loud.
These wounds are healing, its worth leaving alone now.
These words are reactions to this that I will,
never be alright.

>> Derivitive Opener

All that is calm wake no more...
Stay and sleep until this ends.
All is till. Warm and dark.
Wait inside this quiet.

>> Lusitania

This tension is growing along with us, holding out,
we feel it, It stays through storms and summers now,
with no end. These days seem to shorten when you stand here,
but you're no here and this air stands still,
hold anything to keep from letting go, Attention is paid to this
distance, The times that we are close we know how this feels
alright, and it feels alright, so we'll wait for these weeks to come
and slowly g, and it seems I never end up coming back home,
but we're holding tighter now to what we want, there was a
time when I meant this
Give up now.

>> Letter Of Intent

You break down systematically when everything is black and
white and red was making up for giving in enough to sleep at night?
You must be tired now from days and nights of growing old,
I'll mark this down as one and call it moving on.

don't bother reading those last rites, with demons sleeping
soundly out of sight, Sustaining tones of broken bones will
sleep with you tonight.
You must be tired now from days and nights of growing old,
I'll mark this down as one that I take to my grave alone

I'm making this my last reply,
and mark this down as one for moving on,
it's my resignation
and mark this down as one for moving on

>> 1195


>> Concrete Atlas

this town is a ghost town, of funerals and lets downs.
The list of dead goes on and on and on.
The sidewalks ache from the weight of holding,
up broken hearts. I'm giving up on moving on.
What used to fill these streets with life,
has thrown a brick right through our lives now.
Don't hold back. So forget about the bricks,
we wear around our necks,
And forget about every second up to this.
Here's to the walking casualties of heavy handed,
subelty. So raise a drink, we'll break the windows
and the chairs, and finally start a fire burning,
at both ends. I might be everything to you need
and you might be the same for me.
We got out fast, burning at both

>> Burn Bridges Keep Warm

no interest in this motion.
It's leading us too far, don't react and it's all,
I know that there's no right way to...
words failing. We're breeding sour ends, far more
to this than I can take. don't react. Now everything
is ending fading out, how can you let go?
But are you willing to lose instead of giving up?
Just turn and walk away, no interest in this motion.
So we will stay the same. Don't react.
There's something wrong with how,
we try to work things out.
We're moving out of line.

>> Alaska

Pay for country trails
A good distraction
Is what I got to.

I've got this corner window
I've got five days of winter this routine whitewall
It takes All This All This TIME, TIME and Color, TIME, TIME and Color.

Pay for always bills
to get protection against killing of days
and it's you and you and you and you and you,
you take all this all this time This time.

It's Alright..Stay In Tonight.

I've got this corner window
I've got five days of winter this routine whitewall
It takes all this all this time this time.
[music break]
You take all this all this time, this time, this time, this time,
TIME, TIME, and Color TIME, TIME and Color.

>> The Culling Song

and now it seems so odd to me that I believed in anything,
will this winter hold let go in spring? Becoming
more than how I'm viewing everything. This is what you've
been planning on? Say you want to know what been going on.
Can't you tell?
we always are falling apart