> Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence
>> Pretty Lush

draw them on reckless,
etched in,
scratched in like resurrection.
Your sins are killing you
and you can bet they'll get me too.
I've got to give some to get some.

Mining in the river
Standing in the rain.
Down on your knees
As you heave at the drain.

You can lead a whore to water
and bet she'll drink and follow orders.
And I said, Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you needed?
Give it some more time.

Tonight I'm going to a party,
but it's already started without me.
I aced philosophy
and mastered the art of spiritual phase.
I've got to give some to get some.

The disco ball spins away another year.
I wish you a broken heart and a happy new year.

Only three words come to mind.

>> Siberian Kiss

Give me back
my pictures of me.
Me, you and him makes three.
It figures the wheezing will measure your rate
of depress
and i hope you know.
Like a bitch in heat,
I hope she know.

So put another penny in and turn the crank
until the frames cease to move
and the movie turns into a photo,
a photo the size of a kiss
I hope she knows.

Staring at a parisian sex flick
where the characters don't meet
the characters don't speak
and the characters are like mirrors facing mirrors:
Space always expanding.

So put another penny in and turn the crank
until the frames cease to move
and the movie turns into a photo,
a photo the size of my fist
I hope she knows.

A hiccup in paradise
I keep you jealously to myself,
in a photo the size of a kiss
a kiss in the shape of a bullet.

On phone lines and letterheads
I'm dying about.

I've watched you whore yourself out for one more thing.
There's always one more thing.
If I can't have you no one will.

Pushing a lover to love another.
Are you turned on?

I keep you jealously to myself.

>> When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros

I'm glad that you're near
and I'm sad that you're here.
That is what it's like to be me.
I'm glad that you're here
and I'm sad that you're near.
This is what it's like to die alone.

This all hurts so much
that i honestly believe
you're the one this is hard for.
I'm bartered tact for wit
and I've already made up
a billion stories about you.

Knee deep in static
I hear you breaking up,
I'm breaking up,
I guess we're breaking up.
You're not the other woman
you're just another (woman).
Another hobby for a guy like me.

You're given me a heart like a gun
and I'm so shocked that I've made it through these billion days.
I didn't think I could tough it out all those days a billion.

So we're growing?
I'm sure.
There's no other I can turn to,
there's no other i can turn to
if not you, heart
who else can I believe?

I hope you enjoy dying alone.

>> Lovebites And Razorlines

Who you fucking now?
I use my slit wrist
to sign my name with
and when you can't compete with the Joneses
gun 'em all down
(even the father).
You filthy whore.
Shut up and swallow my pride for me.
Move closer or drive farther.
Suck on the end of this dick that cums lead,
but first I'm coming after you all.

It's ladies night at the bar
but she smokes a man's cigar.
I guess she's dying.
Oh well.
I don't give a fuck about your dignity.
That's the bastard in me.

I know a girl
who sells herself around
and I'm sure one day
she'll sign autographs in your town.

Looking back into my diary
what makes me say those things?
What causes my laughter at another's disease?
It's the bastard in me.

You live in shit
and you will eat your own way out.
I am too fly and shy
like no other guy.

Too fly and shy just for you.

I'll mark you all.

>> Hurting And Shoving (she Should Have Let Me Sleep)

When I get back
Pre-break of dawn
hear the ring it's me
live from a pay phone
talking in the rain.
Things pan out exactly as i say they will.
Will I be less happy
when I get back?

Two hand in one glove
as if we were poor.
The hard up make the soup from stones
like the poor before them did before.

You say the waiting could crush your heart.

But it's nothing new to me
have you crave me so desperately
but I know
how when you need me you bleed for me,
though now I'm gone you fill my shoes with new
Always and forever
we are apart and may she see
she'd be free rejoicing in distance
if she only let me sleep.

Will things make less happy
when I get back?

Absence makes the heart grow still.
Abuse the hunt; confuse the kill.
I know, I know.

Make the dead feel deader
Make the dead sleep nights with a razor
Kill the prey.

I'll hold my child's head underwater.
If it's a boy, I was joking
if it's a daughter, I'll say I did what I did
because I had to...
And if you find my kid later
tell her I laughed too.

We just might work out fine
because I love you enough
to let you give the pain that I want
...And when you do
I just might fuck you
enough to love you.
Once upon my night stand
lied letters piled in columns
postmarked Middle Island
out east in the country of Solemn.

>> Majour

You only get one taste
and for this gift we are graced.
You only get one taste
and for this gift

Now let me go
so I can brag about the gifts that he stole.
(Thank you) For all the lonely nights.
I will carry this with me where I go.

Bad taste in my mouth.
You would think I'm a whore.
Bad taste in my mouth.
You would think I'm you.

You only get on taste
and for this gift we are graced.
You only get one taste
and for this gift
she's likely to go,
or so she'll say.
We sleep as we do to keep our nights days away.
or so she'll say.
Immature love.
You breed immature lust.

So died the virgin.
I have told you before,
You we're nothing special to him
(and that's just another thing that's nothing new for you).

You'll be born.
You before.

Embody me
with you body.
I've never seen it.
I have never.
Embody me
with your body.
I've never seen it.
Are you happy?

>> Her Middle Name Was Boom

She cured the plague of the holy child
and all the while
she just walked in
and boom! she said
in her room with her red fingernails
and a grip on the answers.

When it's home
and I'm broken, let's fix.
When it's home
and I'm swollen, let's kiss.
When it's home
and we're walking, she'll lead
If she's waiting, we'll leave.
I'm so gracious.

If you touch it
it's cold.
If you drop it
it breaks.
If you hold it
it shakes.
Boom! she said.

My name's I Dare.

All the while…

>> Piano

Three times alone this week
I was suppose to be a rock star.
I only beat you when I'm drunk,
You're only pretty when you're crying.
We are suppose to be the ones to set the air afire.
Three times alone this week
I was made into a liar.

Whether (or not) I found the gold
I never told.
Richer: I
brilliant white.

I wear shoes that move men from desert to riches.
Show me what you've got
and scratch it because it itches.
Call me Chameleon
and extingish my fire.
Three times alone this week
I was suppose to be a liar.

Maybe not.
Why the stare?
Would I lie about that which I am scared?
What did I say to you?
Step into
a pot of gold,
rejoice in fire
that which soon burns gold.
What did I say to you?

I can't deny
The throat, the love, sincerity,
I can't deny it
I've got to keep my P.M.A.

>> Babe

I exclude light and wash my hands of you.
By larger being devoured,
leaving only me to improve.

Don't fucking weep.
Your weak eyes cry tears of the week.
Catch up with the sheep.
It's a sacrilegious ceremony.
New flavor of the week.

Nothing's sacred in the faces of the soulless
(that you're made into).
You're raptured by a guilty stifle down.

...And what I'll do
is mess you up and lie to you.
Look at you
You know it's true.
It's a field trip to Hollywood Babylon.

>> Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence

That burning feeling.
Red liquids.
Clear liquids.
Blessed are the sick.
Children shiver in the river.
Where is our god now?
Does he watch over all in El Segundo?
He don't lie when he say,

I'm wasting away.
I find time to pine.
When pining away my time.
Within sin
With no redemption
We will find our souls
and the shells they're kept in
all wasted away.

Blessed are the sick in me.
The prey, the thrill, the chill and we
are martyrs that crumble on time.
We'll stop upon dimes.
and hed constructed us all in El Segundo,
as the shivering children pray.

Demons in
demons out.
Cry for dawn.
I'm the matador of the children's ward.
Beggars wed choosers.
Red sheets.
Bed sheets.
I'm the head fan.
Blessed be my bed pan.

It's a cold, having just been mugged feeling.

In the sun
I've got this for you
it's under my finger nails.
I brought this for you.
It's typically Sunday.

I'm digging a hole.

>> Hotel Of The White Locust

Welcome to Hollywood whore.
Wake up in Hollywood whore.

My dance has passed.

Combine the throb within the head
with the rhythm of the feet.
Say a novena for all those lost
and read the bloodstains on the sheets.
I've whored myself for less than this
and I've prayed to appear to fed.
As I knelt on my pillow God,
I clenched my fists and banged my head.

Who could ever take the place of me?

How I kiss up to God my fists
and I pray to keep my head
though I like your pretty eyes better blackened
and my fists all red.
Through sickness and health
I've kissed up to God two years.
I have focused on the cameos made by the tiger
in the valley of the locust.

Wipe it off you mouth.
Get up off your knees
and make me your god.

It's sexual debauchery.
You cost what you're worth.

Followed by a boy like this.
Re-ignited by all your visits.
As long as your mouth is shut
You'll still be beautiful.

>> Secret Song

Rice Paper Princess (Guess too poor)
In the mist above perfection
Rain On The Parade
Me that's crowding daylight
And never the two shall meet
Said the tiger to its greatest fan
The amount of love you wish to give is more than i can stand
and now you leave me in defeat
leave me battered, broken man
The amount of love you wish to give is more than i can stand
Now I have you where I want you
I know that you are listening
This is my chance to tell you everything
my chance to tell you I love you
but I've waited too long
Now the record's over
Now the record's over