Nina Gordon
> Tonight And The Rest Of My Life
>> Now I Can Die

he takes me everywhere he goes and he goes everywhere he likes to try on all my clothes but not my underwear and he never hates me just wants to levitate me now i know the secret of the world i am the girl and he is the guy i never dared to be simple and wise he opened up my eyes i understand everything and now i can die he gives me everything he’s got and he’s got everything he calls me on the phone a lot he’s got a special ring yeah he really loves me sweethearts and turtledoves me now i know the meaning of that word i’m not trying to say that i don’t want to live ’cause i do i’ve got more to take i’ve got some more to give you know i do but if tomorrow my number should be called i won’t be sad i won’t feel bad at all

>> 2003

hey baby why’d you turn away i was about to say something baby i thought would make you smile at least for a little while oh well baby that’s the way it goes right from my head to my toes and you’re the first to know that i’ve got a brilliant plan i hope you understand i want to meet in 2OO3 i want to see what the future can bring to me and when i do i’ll meet you here my darling and when i’m free i’ll be waiting where i said i would be my love will you wait for me what we’ve found is such a precious thing that’s what i ’m trying to sing but before i lose my nerve i better write down these words ’cause i don’t know what you heard and you know that i won’t change my mind i made a promise to be true let them say that it’s a selfish game but i don’ t play with anyone but you

>> Tonight And The Rest Of My Life

down to the earth i fell with dripping wings heavy things won’t fly and the sky might catch on fire and burn the axis of the world that’s why i prefer a sunless sky to the glittering and stinging in my eyes i feel so light this is all i want to feel tonight i feel so light tonight and the rest of my life gleaming in the dark sea i’m as light as air floating there breathlessly when the dream dissolves i open up my eyes i realize that everything is shoreless sea a weightlessness is passing over me everything is waves and stars the universe is resting in my arms

>> Badway

the pinch one inch half a head and half dead no pain no gain there’s a million voices in my brain it’s like a game of hide and seek and i play every day i close my eyes and i count to ten one two three and everybody runs away i’m in a bad way it’s such a bad way can’t you give a damn on a better day i can’t come out to play when i’m in such a bad bad way purple leather makes it better a purple coat or a purple sweater clothes make the girl i know but i can’t get dressed when i’m this low i’m like a self made hand grenade but i can’t pull the pin i set the bait and sit back and wait then i try to see if i can reel you in little peach little blue a little water and i’m as good as new i want to swallow all of you but i’m biting more than i can chew

>> Horses In The Cith

they walk the horses home at night right by my window they pull their carriages along busy city streets it’s from another time it’s like a lullaby but i don’t think that i can sleep tonight so i count the streetlights i count the stars i make a wish and wonder where you are i wonder if i’ll live long enough to feel again help me ’cause i’m falling out of grace i hang my head and hide my face i don’t know what it is i just feel out of place like horses in the city i played the game i dropped the ball i lost another friend i gained a future but i can’t see where the future ends i’d write a letter or write a song but once again my voice just comes out wrong i wonder if i’ll live long enough to sing again but they don’t seem frightened as the cars go speeding by so why am i so terrified to close my eyes tonight i’m just afraid there’s no time no time this time they walk the horses home at night right by my window they pull their carriages along busy city streets i wonder if they’ll live to run without the reins again

>> Hold On To Me

we’re the same and you don’t even know it we’re afraid and we try not to show it and you’re tired and i am too so there’s only one thing you can do you’ve got to hold me and tell me what you need don’t be afraid of what you’ re feeling when you know me then i’ll never want to leave you just hold on to me when we’re apart i still feel together i still believe in a thing called forever but we’re drifting apart it’s true and it’s breaking my heart in two we’ll drive away where no one can find us it’s time to leave those dark days behind us in my dreams it’s always you so there’s only one thing we can do

>> Got Me Down

and this is the way it’s going to be i gave him away and now i’m free but he was the life i meant to lead there’s nothing left of me but this is my melody and why must the night crawl by like this and why do we dwell on what we’ll miss i’ve got to be careful what i wish my happiness was his but this is my goodbye kiss he got me down and now i’m only singing for my health got me down and now i can’t get up myself got me down turn around and tell me when it’s over and it’s time for me to get up off the ground and there’s really nothing left to say but this couldn’t wait another day ’cause something confusing but o.k. has got me in its sway and this is my getaway and though i try to hear you now i think we’ve built a wall of sound between us and though you know i love you still i think we’ve both just lost the will

>> Hate Your Way

i hate your way i don’t care what you say i hate your way i don’t care and i ’m only half there so i don’t care they can cut me down ’til i’m the talk of the town i’m a fool for you had to sell my soul but you were so rock and roll i’m a fool for you i hate your way a little more every day i hate your way a little more and i could leave but what for a little more and it’s wicked to be so stupid man it’s stupid to be so dumb i’m getting crooked i can feel it i can feel it in my bones